A Change in Meaning – Complexity in Astrology

In modern astrology as compared to traditional there is a change in the number of planets – you go from the seven in traditional to nine (or ten if you still count Pluto) modern planets. In addition, many modern astrologers also include various asteroids, dwarf planets and other significant points. This is not just a simple adding of a couple of points to a set. Changing the number of points changes how we perceive the whole set, how we work with it.

Update to “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them”

Robert Glasscock’s special 3-Hour workshop on “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them” presented for Kepler College on November 4, 2017 stirred interest and even controversy from illustrating solar arc techniques in Donald Trump’s and the United States’ horoscopes. Additional information, including dates for specific midpoints with a description from Ebertin’s book “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” is listed in a previous article. In this article, Robert continues to track his Solar Arc predictions and current events.

Review: Healing Pluto Problems by Donna Cunningham

In this truly remarkable text, Donna Cunningham treats her astrological readers to a new level of depth regarding this more modern outer planet. She also gives us a comprehensive examination of how Pluto can be experienced in its various permutations while also seeking to remediate possible harm through guided mediations and other methods that she specifically curates towards various Plutonian ailments.

Follow-Up to “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them”

Kepler College’s special 3-Hour workshop on “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them” presented by Robert Glasscock on November 4, 2017 stirred interest and even controversy from its illustrations of solar arc techniques in Donald Trump’s and the United States’ horoscopes. In this article,  Robert expands on some of the points made and shows how you can effectively use transits to solar arcs

The Zodiac: Sidereal Vs. Tropical

Critics of astrology often argue that “astrologers,” a loosely defined group that includes dabblers, serious students, and practicing astrologers, are uniformed in regard to the existence of two zodiacs. They may be right about the first group, but certainly not about the second and third. For the past 40 years, at least, most serious astrology books have drawn attention to the tropical-sidereal debate when the topic of the zodiac is discussed. There is no excuse for anyone who considers themselves an “astrologer” today to be ignorant of the existence of this complex issue.

The Cusp in the Arrow of Time

We live in the cusp of our World’s arrow of time. This is the time, where our world as we knew it changed. And it keeps changing into another, unfamiliar, energetic, faster pace, connected, yet disconnected, scarier for some, an unpredictable and even uncontrollable time. Some religious people consider these “the end times”. The Mayan calendar pointed to 2012 as the end of the World. I always interpreted this as the “end of the world as we have known it”. The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 also pointed to these times as meaningful. Many today fear how the November 8th election results will bring about a change of our Nation’s destiny.

Madam President

In 2016, Former First Lady, past United States Senator, and recent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is making a bid to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the office of President of the United States of America. If successful, she will become the first female President of the USA. Herein is an examination of her natal chart, as well as attending relevant transits on election day.

Questions for Spiritual Astrology

By: Joseph Crane Over the last generation it’s become fashionable for astrologers to add a spiritual or “evolutionary” dimension to their work, noting past karma and the direction of a soul’s progress through lifetimes. Simultaneously, modern astrologers have emphasized the Lunar Nodes to add psychological issues over one lifetime or spiritual issues over many lifetimes. […]

Liberating Uranus and Aquarius (From Each Other)

A Quest for Coherence By: Joseph Crane This essay promotes the view that many astrologers within our lifetimes have correlated signs, planets, and houses in ways that have brought confusion to astrology and distorted their ranges of application. Here I would like to look critically at the modern affiliation of the sign Aquarius with the […]