The Cusp in the Arrow of Time

The Cusp in the Arrow of Time

By: Karuna Diaz

We live in the cusp of our World’s arrow of time. This is the time, where our world as we knew it changed. And it keeps changing into another, unfamiliar, energetic, faster pace, connected, yet disconnected, scarier for some, an unpredictable and even uncontrollable time. Some religious people consider these “the end times”. The Mayan calendar pointed to 2012 as the end of the World. I always interpreted this as the “end of the world as we have known it”. The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 also pointed to these times as meaningful. Many today fear how the November 8th election results will bring about a change of our Nation’s destiny.

In a more personal way, we as human beings encounter these unpredictable changes in our own individual life. Knowing this, how do we proceed in the times we live in? Is there a way to know what path to take? How can our own participation and actions help us through this journey of changes to create a better world?

The Natal Chart

I believe some of these answers can be found in a Natal chart. I see the times we live in as a representation of a cusp in our own arrow of time. A natal chart is a selfie picture of the time/space a person is born under the heavens. In Astrology, time is measured by the degrees of movement of the Earth in reference to the Sun, Ascendant and Moon. Of course, everything else in a chart and in the heaven’s moves as well, but these three are the zodiac holy trinity.

The division of the circle (space-time) of life, I call the circle of time (Matter = life =energy). It is more personal to us in our natal chart, but perhaps easier to understand by using an example of a Pie or Pizza. This circle gets divided into twelves pieces (houses/signs) by a knife. One example of this division is called the house cusp. The times when a particular planet (your fingers reaching in to take one piece) is in any of these house cusps, can literally be between two worlds. Two decisions, two different results.

There are many different techniques, as well as reference points used to divide the circle of time-space in our natal chart. Depending on which one the Astrologer (observer) is using, the results of “placements” can change in references to houses/time and sign/energy. This can be especially true if you also consider Sidereal charts. These choices can change a person’s Ascendant, Moon and sometimes even Sun sign.

Could it be then, that each time there is a choice to make, or a decision not to make a choice, it can change our life, our destiny, and our results? Can we “time-travel” from one chart to another, depending on these choices?

Of course we have seen many science fiction movies in reference to this. And we all know how many times in our lives we have had to make decisions. Looking back, we can all recognize moments when our decisions changed the direction of our lives. But can we see this in a Natal chart?

Let me explain, we mostly work with one type of Astrology when we synthesize our interpretations. Some of us may be knowledgeable enough to do both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology. Perhaps those who have may have already have had these realizations. But I have not heard astrologers talk about this. What I have found in just a short time of studying these two “parallel charts” is that some people, who thought they were a certain sun sign, moon sign or ascendant, were in a different sign, in this different sky, this “different world”.

This can change outcomes, transits, cycles of signs, and planetary cycles. And if we analyze this person’s chart using a different house system (such as “Equal” houses instead of “Placidus”), the houses, the areas of life, also change. Therefore, could we be “in and out” of multiple worlds, according to our choices in life, actions, thoughts, personality display, beliefs, habits, etc.? Could this also be why no Astrologer can ever get every prediction 100% right? This observation and research in the multiple Astrological techniques and the choice of Sidereal vs Tropical charts, might provide some insights.

As an astrologer, spiritual philosopher, eco-centered and uni-centered person, I have come to a conjecture or perhaps a realization: What quantum physicists have discovered and understood, or at least tried to understand, as parallel universes, could have a more down to earth, practical application. Not science fiction, but instead logical enough to make sense. Our choices, actions, or lack of action, create a different world, in our lives, our environment, our political world, our relationships, etc.

So let’s think twice about our choices in life, what we decide to or not to do. Because, no matter how hard it is to make a choice when one is not 100% satisfied with the options – what we do, or do not do, could matter, in the cusp of our arrow in time.

Karuna Diaz