Madam President

Madam President

By: Walter C. Cambra

In 2016, Former First Lady, past United States Senator, and recent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is making a bid to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the office of President of the United States of America. If successful, she will become the first female President of the USA. Herein is an examination of her natal chart, as well as attending relevant transits on election day.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was born at 8:02 a.m. [Astrotheme:, rating DD] on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois (Longitude 87° W 39’ Latitude 41° N 51’).

Clinton Hillary 8 02AM

If this time is correct, Scorpio is her rising sign at the Ascendant, making Mars and Pluto (compulsiveness and intensity) her Ascendant and overall chart rulers. Her natal chart “sign-signature” is fixed-water (determination and passion). Her chart’s polarity is accented by outgoingness (“male”). Her outgoingness is reinforced by her chart’s Southern Hemisphere’s indication of her being very extroverted. Her third and fourth quadrants (the public domain) have the preponderance of the chart’s planets.

Ms. Clinton’s natal chart shows the Sun (authority) in Scorpio (intensity) in the twelfth house of institutions. Her natal Sun Sextiles the MC (supreme authority) in Virgo (discriminatingly) in the tenth house of career.

Jupiter (good luck) is at home in Sagittarius in the first house of personality. Furthermore, her Sun in the twelfth house of institutions is in mutual reception with Pluto in the ninth house of professions. This feature allows for constructive modulation between these two signs and houses. Notice that the Sun (rulership) and Pluto (transformation) are each part of a Stellium (highlighting the importance of these two houses). Mercury (reason) and Venus (diplomacy) favorably influence the Sun’s energy, while Saturn (self-discipline) helps modulate the influence of Mars and Pluto (energy and extremes).

On election day, transiting Saturn (responsibility) is in Sagittarius (expansiveness) in the first house. Transiting Saturn Trines the Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo (rulership) in the ninth house of professions. Significantly, transiting Jupiter (good luck/wisdom) is in Libra (justice/balance) and is conjunct her natal Neptune (ideals) on election day in the eleventh house of aspirations and affiliations.

Based on this examination of Ms. Clinton’s natal chart and attending relevant transits on election day, the results strongly suggest her victory.

Note: A rare special case configuration of a Mystic Rectangle termed “Lucifer’s Rectangle” manifests in her natal chart (Ceres in Taurus Sextiles the IC in Pisces; Ceres also Trines the MC in Virgo; the MC Sextiles the Sun in Scorpio; the Sun also Trines the IC in Pisces).

The Lucifer’s Rectangle configuration implies earthly rulership. It is important to note that Mars, which represents physical energy, is in the ninth house of professions. Significantly, the Sun, which represents spiritual energy, is found in Ms. Clinton’s natal chart as well as her progressed chart for election day in the twelfth house of institutions (the Presidency).