Astrological Remediation: The subtle art of creating a brighter future, one transit at a time

Astrological Remediation: The subtle art of creating a brighter future, one transit at a time

By: Andrea Gehrz

Since coming into the study of astrology, I have deeply pondered the mechanism behind its magical and profound workings.  Any student of the subject has surely been amazed by its exactitude and precision in the timing of events, bodily illness, and passing moods that sweep through us in any given day. It is the unending and uncanny accuracy of astrology that keeps me motivated to continue my study. I also believe that astrology can be used to aid in healing. For instance, medical astrology can often be as accurate as a laboratory test, yet looking at the astrological chart is completely non-invasive.

After working as a professional astrologer for over ten years, there came a point at which I could no longer stand idly by, merely observing malaise and joy as they were carried with the ebb and flow of planetary energies. Having watched these waves move through my own life, as well as the lives of friends, family, and clients, I craved some sort of method to help and heal during periods of great planetary duress.

The moment I birthed my gorgeous daughter, this need to transmute energies became even more urgent. I vividly remember perusing the Ephemeris, only to notice that Saturn would be coming up to square her Sun, along with transiting Uranus, Mars, and the Moon. As an astrologer and new mother, this was quite upsetting, as her body was still tiny and new to the planetary energies. It was at this point that I began to ponder ways to optimally channel energies into their highest possible manifestation, thus beginning my life as an astrological remedialist. I have since devoted a great amount of time learning how to use astrology as a tool to remedy suffering of all kinds. It is my goal here to share a bit of what I have learned through experience, practice, and observation.

Let us begin with the question:

What is Astrology?  One definition could be:

Astrology is the study of how the celestial bodies affect emotional, mental, and physical life on earth.

And thus:

Astrological Remediation is the use of any method necessary to heal and soothe problems indicated by celestial bodies in the astrological chart.

A unique characteristic of astrological remediation is that it inherently examines and accepts the vibrational foundation of the individual who is seeking help. If Astrology could be described as a detailed study of individuality, astrological remediation could be understood as a fascinating journey into highly individualized healing methods.

Many authors have described clearly the existence of illness as beginning within the energy-body. The energy-body (aura, soul essence, etc.) can easily be understood as the vibrational field surrounding each of us. The astrological chart wheel, planetary symbols, and aspects provide a schematic language to explain and describe the needs and tendencies of the energy-body.

Co-Counselling-CCI counsellor on the right (creative commons)Now let us look into an example of how we might use astrological remediation in real life. Suppose there is a man in his mid-forties who seems entirely unable to commit to a long-term relationship, even though marriage and children have been the most important dream of his entire adult life. Maybe he has always wanted a wife and children, but every time he finds himself in a healthy, happy relationship he instantaneously turns commitment-phobic and flees.

Several different approaches could be used in an attempt to heal this self-defeating behavior. Behavioral therapy, one-on-one counseling, or discussing the problem with friends could all prove to be effective solutions. The man himself might try to remedy the problem through a repeated pattern of self-deprecating or shaming thoughts, during which he beats himself up over and over about his constant and unending ability to “control himself.” While all of these methods do in fact try to attack the problem, none of them have yet looked into the underlying energetic difficulty that might be contributing to the behavior.

With astrological remediation, we will want to know why these behaviors keep occurring. And the why here may be very deep and at times surprising. The astrological chart of the fleeing man might show that the problem is caused by an unusually sensitive energy body. Perhaps we notice that he was born under the rays of a Sun/Moon/Saturn conjunction in Pisces. A combination such as this could indicate that through the process of intimately bonding with a partner, he begins to sense things that they are thinking and feeling. He might also experience suffocating sensations, or a sense of not knowing what is real and what is not. These feelings lead the man to the idea that something about the relationship is crazy-making. As a result, the man flees in order to escape feelings of suffocation and resurrect the ability to perceive and differentiate his own emotions and thoughts.

The remediation for this problem could also be energetic, because the man’s auric field happens to be very sensitive to vibrations in general. A stone, gem, flower essence, or homeopathic remedy could be used to alter the field to be less porous, or less apt to absorb outside energies. The astrological practitioner may also prescribe showers or swimming as methods of cleaning and clearing the man’s energy-field, so that he might be able to better handle and manage outside influences.

Now suppose that the same symptoms were to show up in the case of a woman who wanted to commit to a relationship but could not. Her behaviors might be almost identical to those of the overly sensitive man.

As soon as the woman settles into a healthy relationship, she ends up fleeing almost immediately. A look at the woman’s astrological chart might indicate that the problem stems from a very different energetic combination–an extremely hot Mars, sitting together with the electric planet of Uranus. Every time the women were to experience a vibrational influxing to this part of her chart, she would unexpectedly feel excited and inflamed. These hot and electric feelings would lead her to get cranky with her boyfriends, unexpectedly cheat on them, or even break off these relationships entirely. The remedy used here would be very different than in the case of the overly sensitive man.

As mentioned, the astrological remedial for the sensitive man might be something to block other people’s vibrations from entering his field. In the case of the wily and excitable woman, the remedy would need to treat her overheated Mars, perhaps by cooling it off while also providing a healthy outlet for her overly rebellious side. A remedialist might prescribe an athletic outlet to this woman, such as boxing or mountain biking. The goal here would be to find an activity that would satisfy the riled-up cravings of her soul, in a manner that would be less destructive to the emotional relationships in her life.

Astrological remediation is an extremely useful method of healing, because it inherently approaches each situation as unique, and attempts to understand and fix the energetic root of the problems at hand. By healing the underlying difficulties within the chart, the problematic behaviors can be altered or fade away entirely.

Astrological remediation was common throughout the ancient traditions, yet seems to have become sparse in the modern, western thought structure. In the eastern traditions, remediation has been consistently used and developed throughout the centuries. A traditional Indian astrologer might prescribe the use of certain gems to remedy problems within the chart. An astrologer who is using the Indian system might also prescribe a mantra to her client, or a spiritual pilgrimage to a sacred site for a problem deep within the soul. In medieval times, astrological remediation was often practiced through the use of talismans, amulets, alchemy, and spells. The process can be quite technical and precise, yet healing seems to also be inherent in the nature of simple astrology itself.

This brings us back to the remedial gifts that are borne from a study such as astrology. We have all had the experience of going to a clinic or emergency room, only to have a medical professional ask us fifty contrived and scripted questions, vaguely listen to our answers, and then prescribe us medicine. To some individuals, this is a form of remediation. From an astral point of view, understanding the patient’s medical and qualitative make up before prescribing a method of healing is an important step missing from this equation. Without this information, it is very hard to entirely remedy a problem.

Many forms of modern medicine can be used to cover up or mask symptoms, but rarely do they release the energetic blockage that has caused or contributed to the problem at hand. The healing methods employed by a remedialist can and will take on a variety of forms. Remediation could be a placebo pill. It could be a massage. It could be a hearty round of parcheesi while listening to the neighbors fight over their toy poodle. In certain very stressful situations, the least offensive remediation might even take on the form of a makeover, complete with plastic surgeries. Whatever the case may be, it could be proposed that a combination of modern medical services combined with astrological insight could successfully aid in healing the body, mind, and spirit.


About the Author

Andrea GehrzAndrea L. Gehrz spends her days running the Moira Press, a publishing company dedicated to producing intelligent, high level astrological texts. Having performed countless astrological consultations, Ms. Gehrz now focuses her work exclusively on all forms of astrological remediation. She enjoys working with curious adults, children, couples, and groups, helping to overcome difficult challenges and optimize the possibilities of any life situation.

This material is explored in more depth in Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner. Andrea’s website is