Update to “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them”

Update to “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them”

By: Robert Glasscock

Robert Glasscock’s special 3-Hour workshop on “Solar Arcs: What They Are – How to Use Them” presented for Kepler College on November 4, 2017 stirred interest and even controversy from illustrating solar arc techniques in Donald Trump’s and the United States’ horoscopes. Additional information, including dates for specific midpoints with a description from Ebertin’s book “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” is listed in a previous article. In this article, Robert continues to track his Solar Arc predictions and current events.

Many astrologers are daunted by the challenges of mundane astrology (the astrology of world affairs, politics, economies, world figures, and their influence). But learning to read such horoscopes is an excellent method of refining one’s predictive abilities. Call it Probability Assessment.

Reading “mundane” charts is also an excellent arena for learning to read objectively, since the temptation is always to read through the lens of one’s political biases, party affiliation, etc. Will a liberal astrologer interpret a chart differently than a conservative one?

Real-world events since November and my previous article are sobering. Here, I revisit some of the points made in light of latest developments.

If there remained any doubts three months ago, there are none now: at a recent United Arab Emirates conference sponsored by the Milken Institute, even former GOP President George W. Bush[1] stated there is “pretty clear evidence” that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

Of equal or greater importance from the November 4th workshop (though not unpacked in detail because of time constraints) was this:

“It will remain in that erratic, unpredictable, explosive duad for 2 ½ years [from November 4, 2017, or the Spring of 2020]. Which is the maximum [Trump] can remain in office. But his end is likely to be much sooner. Unless there is a military coup and takeover of the United States.”

“The chaos of a world war would effectively presage a New World Order run by plutocrats, oligarchs and kleptocrats. In the United States, those are the very personages given carte blanche by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. But so could the chaos resulting from the termination of Robert Mueller – without the bloodshed or expense of a world war. Because the shock and horror of such an act would threaten to halt government as we’ve known it in its tracks. All the elements are in place already, given the buildup of the military’s just-approved whopping $80 billion spending increase, and the decades-long increasing militarization of police forces across the nation.”

To my knowledge 90 days ago, no one seriously (publicly) discussed such a possibility. Frank Rich’s[2] interview just broached the topic in mainstream media (February 7) – along with the tactics Trump and the GOP are increasingly exercising to execute that coup. Rich comments:

“The goal is nothing less than a full destabilization of the rule of law — all to help Trump, his son, and his son-in-law (at the very least) escape legal jeopardy in Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference and obstruction.

“It’s not just an idle daydream that Trump is now calling on the Pentagon to stage a costly Washington parade to show off America’s military might. His aim here, I’d suggest, is not just to impress North Korea and other American adversaries but to draw the military closer to him for when the crunch comes. He is hoping that the generals he constantly flatters (and appoints to White House posts) will be ‘loyal’ to him when federal law enforcement, including the judiciary, or a potential post–Election Day Democratic majority in Congress, tries to hold him accountable.

“There is a lot of faux suspense being applied to the Mueller narrative. Trump’s claims of wanting to talk to the special prosecutor notwithstanding, he never was going to do so, under oath or not, under any circumstances. Nor is there any doubt that Trump will do anything possible, legal or not, to derail Mueller’s investigation. The only question is how and when.”

From http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/02/frank-rich-gop-has-become-the-anti-law-enforcement-party.html  

Does that mean astrology “predicts” a military coup or martial law in the United States? Not necessarily, any more (or less) than astrology “predicts” anything with any degree of certainty or accuracy. What astrology does do is point out trends (both apparent and hidden), then assess the likelihood of their probable occurrence.

The probability of astrology pointing toward martial law or a military coup was high at last November’s webinar. It’s higher now. And it has entered mainstream media news rotation. Real News.

Steve Vladeck[3], professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law, fears that Trump will further attempt to obstruct justice in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Addressing Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand’s abrupt resignation (February 9th), Vladeck says:

“The associate attorney general is the designated successor to the Justice Department’s second-highest ranking official, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. And it is Rosenstein, thanks to the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who authorized Mueller’s investigation in the first place — and who is the only government official with the legal authority to directly fire Mueller and otherwise terminate his investigation. In other words, Rosenstein is the crucial fulcrum between the political leadership of the Trump administration and the quasi-independent special counsel. The president cannot directly interfere with the special counsel’s investigation without going through — or getting rid of — Rosenstein. Thus, for those worried that the president might try to prevent the Russia investigation from running its course, Brand’s resignation reduces the number of Senate-confirmed officials who would have to agree with the president (or whom the president would have to fire) to bring about that result.”

From https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/who-rachel-brand-how-does-her-resignation-affect-mueller-s-ncna846621 

Astrology’s transcendent gift is to peer across spacetime into any point of humanity’s Past and Future, to describe actual trends and likely events. Astrology shows both constructive and destructive probabilities; as well as causes, solutions, and what’s likely to happen if you do nothing.

Is your life on a catastrophic course? Do something to alter it.

The same holds true for nations as well as individuals. Unless and until martial law or a military coup (by any other name) is prevented, that is the road the (barely) United States is on. We’re more polarized and angrier at “fellow” Americans than at any time since the leadup to the Civil War.

Speaking of which (civil war) – that is an alternative to a military takeover, though it would likely and quickly lead to exactly that.

Stopping either or both – in other words, changing the course astrology says we’re on – requires acknowledging facts, admitting mistakes, negotiating good-faith compromises and building toward a common good. It necessitates commitment and action from a vast majority of American leaders and citizens on both sides of the aisle.

One party – representing less than half of American voters but controlling all three branches of government – has determinedly failed on all four above counts.

When real news (facts) is “Fake news!” and partisan lies drive most legislation, America is not remotely close to avoiding what’s dead ahead.

The GOP, publicly, is 99% committed to defending and supporting Trump no matter what: including obstructing justice and (consciously or not), enabling a Russia-supported military coup / civil war / martial law in the United States that astrology warns us against.

The time frame suggested in last November’s Webinar for these events and their aftermath, was about 13 years. That’s how long the nation will have to deal with the implications and fallout from the forces currently eroding the Constitution and the republic. Which suggests the immensity of these critical years in America’s history and evolution.

Former Vice President Joe Biden[4] sat down a week ago with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. She asked why Trump was “so reluctant to take on Vladimir Putin.”

Biden said President Donald Trump may be compromised by Russia and its president, Putin.

Add Frank Rich’s “Trump will do anything possible, legal or not, to derail Mueller’s investigation,” and it’s clear that whatever Trump is hiding it is So Big that he will go off the cliff before he’ll let it be exposed. From an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC:

“Look. You know, I want to give every American, including the president, the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t fathom any reason other than he is concerned of what Putin might say or do, or what information he may or may not have.”

Biden then warned the Trump administration was not doing enough to stop Russia from interfering with the next election.

“But look. Unrelated to the whole issue of whether or not there’s collusion, separate and apart from all that, it’s necessary for us to stem this problem. It’s necessary for us to corral the Russians.”

By now, with the Rob Porter scandal and White House cover-up, daily breaking negative mainstream news – about this White House, this President, this GOP – have become a virtual flood.

Last Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” long-time GOP strategist Steve Schmidt[5] analyzed America’s current, critical situation.

Repeat: GOP strategist.

“I think the important thing to understand, to remember, for the American people, is that this is not normal. This is — there’s never been an administration like this. In fact, when you look out across all the western democracies, you don’t see lying like this. The constancy of lying, the dishonesty, the allegations of conspiracy, the smearing, the defend-to-the-end at all costs the image and the reputation of the leader.

“There’s never been anything like this. We are in a — we are in unchartered territory with this comportment and it’s vile. The behavior is disgraceful, it’s disgusting.

“The country has never before now elected somebody who is so manifestly unfit intellectually, morally, temperamentally, for the office of President of the United States.”


“Uncharted territory” to GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, maybe. Because astrology’s done an exemplary job charting the territory since before Trump’s nomination and election.

The mundane study of the United States’ and Donald Trump’s horoscopes has never been more readily available or immediately accessible for event-verification, for all astrologers and students who want to make the most offered through the ancient system.

At the conclusion of last November’s Solar Arcs Webinar, someone commented, “It all sounds so dire.”

It is.

Charles Pierce[6], in Esquire last week (“If the Russians Got Into Voting Machines, I Fear for the Republic”), wrote:

“We are inching ever closer to the revelation that the actual vote totals were hacked – some very smart people are already there, by the way – and, once that happens, I don’t know where we go from there.

“In 2000, when the illegitimate involvement of the United States Supreme Court installed Bush, who’d benefitted from a number of low-level scams in Florida, before and after the election, by and large, the country came around to pretending that hadn’t happened at all. I didn’t like how easy it was to forget what happened, and I dread the possibility that something worse happened last November, and I also dread the possibility that, if it is proven to be true, we’ll simply wave it off in time the way we waved off Bush v. Gore. If we do, we’re dead as a self-governing republic. Simple as that.

“The Republican Party already has shown it will tolerate all manner of jacking around with the franchise in pursuit of power and its benefits for the Republican donor class. But, simply, I don’t know if either party truly has the sand to face up to the possibility that a president was installed under those circumstances.”

Astrology predates mathematics, astronomy, biology and physics. Astrology led to those discoveries and sciences through astrologers’ eternal quest to refine their observed correlations between soli-lunar and planetary phases with earthly phenomena.

Astrology has existed and evolved across millennia for a reason and purpose – which do not include avoiding facts, ducking responsibility or sugar-coating the truth. Faux reassurances and feel-good bromides belonging on a Dollar Tree sympathy card can lull people into passive fatalism, smarmy sentimentality and lack of constructive solutions. When you’re in the Sudan with a mother holding her dying skin-and-bones malnourished eight-year old in her arms, you don’t ponder how they “created their reality”: you try to save their lives.

Assessing future probabilities through millennia of astrological refinements and correlations with Real Life – those are astrology’s reason and purpose. Through them comes understanding our Past, the cycles of human nature and experience, and astrology’s unique metaphysical perspective on the meaning of it all.

Actions, recall, including speech, are Thoughts in three dimensions.

Thanks to astrology, America, you can’t say you didn’t see it coming.

What are you doing about it? That is the question.

It’s your karma.


ADDED 2/20/2018:

It is always instructive to witness astrology’s spacetime archetypes begin emerging into our shared probable consciousness and reality. In this case, something I mentioned in the November 4 webinar. Something I fervently hope won’t “happen.” Something that, just today, emerged.

First, my Nov. 4 remarks from the recording’s transcript:

“The ultimate distraction from the collapse of Donald Trump’s presidency and his finances, if he feels hopelessly cornered and his world appears to be about to disintegrate all around him – is to recklessly lash out as always – and threaten to take down as many people as he can. Even if it potentially launches World War III. Unless he can be stopped by his aides, or by his own party – or by the Russians, who effectively own him.

“Or unless the other unthinkable happens and Robert Mueller meets an untimely end. Because that’s how the Russians roll.”

Unnerving, then, to see among today’s comments following an article about Paul Manafort’s London-based attorney’s (Alex Van der Zwaan) bombshell guilty plea in Mueller’s Trump-Russia collusion probe, the archetype further poked its ugly head from the media’s womb:

“I trust Mueller is taking precautions, these f***ers use poison.”

Forewarned is forearmed, says astrology.

So unfolds the saga of the Trump administration and America’s imperiled future, say horoscopes for both.

Click here to read part 1 – the first article following up on information in Robert’s Solar Arc workshop


It is also important in Mundane Astrology to identify sources of information that have a higher probability of being accurate. This can be done by examining the background and track record of individuals and sources. Below are brief biographies of individuals quoted in this article.

[1] George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States.

Bush graduated from Yale University with a degree in economics in 1948. He fought in WWII and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1966. Bush was appointed to several important positions, including U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in 1971, head of the Republican National Committee during the Watergate scandal, U.S. envoy to China, and director of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1976. He served as Ronald Reagan’s vice president for two terms. He was elected President in 1989 and served one term.

[2] Frank Rich, B.A. degree in American history and literature, graduating magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1971.

Rich currently works for the New York Magazine (since June 2011) as a Writer-at-Large, covering politics and culture. He is also a commentator on nymag.com, Previously Rich had a distinguished career at the New York Times, where he had been an op-ed columnist since 1994. He was previously the paper’s chief drama critic. From 1999 to 2003, he was also senior writer for the New York Times Magazine. The dual title was a first for the Times. He won the George Polk Award for commentary in 2005. His books include Ghost Light: A Memoir and, more recently, The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth From 9/11 to Katrina. He was also an executive producer for the Peabody Award-winning documentary Six by Sondheim as well as the documentary Becoming Mike Nichols.

[3] Stephen I. Vladeck, 2004 graduate of Yale Law School

Vladeck is the A. Dalton Cross Professor in Law at the University of Texas School of Law. His teaching and research focus on federal jurisdiction, constitutional law, and national security law. A nationally recognized expert on the role of the federal courts in the war on terrorism, Vladeck’s prolific and widely cited scholarship has appeared in an array of legal publications — including the Harvard Law Review and the Yale Law Journal

Vladeck is the co-author of Aspen Publishers’ leading national security law and counterterrorism law casebooks, frequently represents parties or amici in litigation challenging government counterterrorism policies. He has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, and has authored reports on related topics for a wide range of organizations—including the First Amendment Center, the Constitution Project, and the ABA’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security.

[4] Joe Biden. BA University of Delaware, with a double major in history and political science. 1968 Juris Doctor from Syracuse University College of Law.

Biden worked briefly as an attorney beginning in 1969 and entered local politics in 1970. He became the fifth-youngest U.S. senator in history (in 1972) as well as Delaware’s longest-serving senator, re-elected 6 times. He was a long-time member and former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. In 2008, Joe Biden was elected the 47th U.S. vice president with President Barack Obama. He earned a second term as vice president when Obama was re-elected to the presidency in 2012. After leaving office, Biden was named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

[5] Steve Schmidt, University of Delaware, major in political science (1988-1993).  

Schmidt became involved with Republican political campaigns in 1995. In 2001 was the spokesman of the National Republican Congressional Committee and Communications in 2002. He joined the Bush administration as Deputy Assistant to the President and Counselor to Vice President Dck Cheney. In 2004 he was a member of the senior strategic planning group, led by White House adviser Karl Rove. He also worked on the campaigns for California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain. He continues to be active in the Republican party as a commentator and strategist. He currently is vice chairman for public affairs for Edelman.

[6] Charles Pierce, graduate of Marquette University in Journalism (1975)

Pierce is currently the lead political blogger for Esquire, a position he has held since September 2011.[8] He also wrote for ESPN’s Grantland.[9] He has also written for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe Sunday magazine, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Sports Illustrated, and many others.


He was a 1996 National Magazine Award finalist for his piece on Alzheimer’s disease “In the Country of My Disease,” and expanded the piece into a book Hard to Forget: An Alzheimer’s Story for Random House. In 2004, he won a National Headliners Award for his Globe Magazine piece, “Deconstructing Ted”, and in 2010 another of this Globe Magazine pieces, The Long, Strange, Twisting Case of Frances Carriere’s Murder, won a Sigma Delta Chi Award for Excellence in Journalism.