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Applying Essential Dignities in Solar Return Charts

Join our esteemed faculty member Shu Yap in this excellent presentation on the importance of evaluating Essential Dignities in Solar Return charts. To view our current class offerings, visit: https://store.keplercollege.org/current-course-offerings/

To ...
learn more about Shu's brilliant work, visit:
Website: http://www.interpsycle.com
Contact: hello@interpsycle.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/interpsycle_astrology/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/interpsycleastrology

Learn more in the video 'World Astrology Day talk': https://youtu.be/Jua6AhDtVBU?feature=shared

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00:00 Introduction
03:52 Domicile/Exaltation In The Solar Return
07:16 Detriment In The Solar Return
10:52 Fall In The Solar Return
13:03 Triplicity In The Solar Return
17:12 Terms/Bounds In The Solar Return
19:01 Decan/Face In The Solar Return
22:32 Peregrine In The Solar Return
24:31 Case Study - Morgan Freeman
26:25 Natal Chart - Morgan Freeman
37:51 Solar Return - Joined AirForce
45:17 The 'Natal Promise' - Morgan Freeman
48:55 Solar Return - Daughter's Passing
57:35 Chart Comparisons
1:04:35 Case Study - Callum Wilkinson
1:12:39 Grandmother's Passing - Natal Considerations
1:18:51 Solar Return 2023 - Grandmother's Passing
1:33:26 Solar Return 2024
1:43:56 Final Thoughts
1:45:45 How To Find Shu!
1:47:47 Conclusion

Recorded June 2024

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