Leaders in Astrology Video Series

This series highlights the best of the best! Interviews with current leaders and pioneers in the field of astrology talking about the profession, their areas of expertise, and their experiences.


Rick Levine | Leaders in Astrology

Join the one and only Rick Levine in this fascinating interview about his life's work, astrological beginnings, funny stories, and his original and unique philosophies.

To learn more about Rick, ...
visit: http://stariq.com/
As mentioned in the interview, visit heavenandearthworkshops.com for the Initiation Into Astrology with Rick Levine, December 6 - 16, 2023, Goa, India

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0:00 Introduction
0:35 How Rick Began His Astrological Journey And Early Life
32:11 Rick's Astrological Body Of Work
54:09 Harmonics In Astrology - Don't Say The "M" Word!
1:02:10 Quantum Astrology
1:17:11 Harmonics Continued And Starting Kepler
1:27:24 Where Is Astrology Going? 20, 40, Or 100 Years From Now
1:39:43 What Is Rick Up To?
1:46:27 Conclusion

Recorded February 2023

Host Callum Wilkinson #CallumWilkinson
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