Zarathustra and the Washington Monument

Zarathustra and the Washington Monument

By Walter Cambra

The center of our solar system is the Sun, the Giver of Life, and light to the whole system. It is the principal influence throughout the whole system of astrology and is the representative of Self.[1] The Sun is the giver of the life principle, or the breath of life, and when manifesting in the physical world the Sun represents the specialized life or Prana in each separate individual.[2]

The Sun is a physical representation and symbol for a spiritual and transcendent reality. In Plato’s work, ‘The Republic’ (Book VI), the sun is a symbol for “The Good” (a transcendent reality even beyond “Being”).[3]

The New Testament Gospel of Matthew 5:43-48 [New English Bible] has Jesus using the Sun as a symbol for the “Goodness” of his Heavenly Father.[4]

Friedrich Nietzsche’s work ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ has Zarathustra emerge from his cave in the mountains after spending ten years in solitude:

But at last a change came over his heart, and one morning he rose with the dawn, stepped before the Sun, and spoke to it thus: ‘You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?’ But we [his eagle and serpent] waited for you every morning, took your overflow from you, and blessed you for it. [6]

The Washington Monument in Washington DC was designed in its finalized series of mutations by Thomas Lincoln Casey.[7] The monument was designed to point to something beyond George Washington.

The Washington Monument is an obelisk with a pyramidian at its apex. The American ambassador at Rome, George P. Marsh, established that the ratio of base to shaft was one-to-ten for ancient Egyptian obelisks.[8] This fact was taken into account by Casey, who amended the projected height of the monument (set by the Washington National Monument Society at 500 feet) by placing a pyramidian atop the shaft.[9]

The Egyptian-styled obelisk known as the Washington Monument conceals its SOLAR link by the numerical ratios of its construction (among other features).

The base of the Washington Monument (on each side) is 55′ plus a few inches. The height of this obelisk is 555′. These numbers establish the monument’s Egyptian style. However, the solar link is more subtle.

The Washington Monument is actually a physical representation of a shaft of solar light. It so happens that the 55′ base is also equivalent to 36° of solar arc. Again, the ratio of one-to-ten is manifested, namely, 36° X 10 = 360° — a complete circle.

The height of the Washington Monument (555′) simultaneously represents 360° — a complete circle or solar disc.

Metaphysically speaking, the Washington Monument is also a solar lightning rod drawing the Sun’s vitality to the nation’s capital. It is also much more than this!

The apex or pyramidian atop the Washington Monument, the east-facing side (upon which the rising Sun strikes each morning) of the aluminum apex, was reserved for praise of God.[10]

There is another tack from which to view the Washington Monument. According to William Josiah Sutton (The Illuminati 666, p. 143) the obelisk was ultimately derived from Nimrod’s Tower of Babel mentioned in the Book of Genesis 11:5-9. Mr. Sutton further mentions that king Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon (6th century B.C.) was built upon the ruins of ancient Babel (p. 213).

Ultimately, Mr. Sutton focuses his attention on the obelisk known as the Washington Monument in Washington DC. He mentions that its height is 555′. However, the choice of 555′ for the Washington Monument was not explained by Mr. Sutton. I wish to propose an explanation for the choice of 555′ that will dramatically punctuate Mr. Sutton’s argument that the Washington Monument is derived ultimately from Nimrod’s Tower of Babel.

The word “Babel” is the Hebrew word for the Greek word “Babylon”. The numerical values for the Greek spelling of Babylon yields 555! Beta (2) + Alpha (1) + Beta (2) + Upsilon (400) + Lambda (30) + Omicron (70) + Nu (50) = 555.

An objection can be raised that my spelling in Greek for “Babylon” should be spelled with the letter OMEGA rather than OMICRON. My reply to this objection is that the earliest forms of the Greek alphabet didn’t contain several letters among which was OMEGA. The letter OMEGA wasn’t introduced into the Greek alphabet until 660 B.C.

Recall that the Book of Genesis 11:5-9 mentions that the builders of the Tower of Babel all spoke one language. It was “God” who destroyed the Tower causing a confusion of tongues by scattering men throughout the world. Ultimately the Tower of Babel represented Unity out of Diversity.

Biblically speaking, the restoration of Unity from Diversity didn’t occur until the advent of Pentecost mentioned in the Book of Acts 2:1-13.

The Washington Monument in Washington DC (largely a Masonic enterprise) is symbolic of spiritual unification of men.



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