Yes, You Can Be a Successful Professional Astrologer

Yes, You Can Be a Successful Professional Astrologer

By: Donna Woodwell

At every gathering of astrologers I attend, it seems at some point I hear the same laments:

“It’s impossible to make a living as an astrologer.”
“No one wants to pay for an astrology reading.”
“Astrology will always be on the fringe of society.”

Why do we say these things so ourselves? What makes us believe it? What are the facts behind these opinions?

I say to all astrologers – Let’s revolutionize the way we think about what we do.

So, let’s start with some facts. Did you know:

  • In 2003, approximately 31 percent of adults in the U.S. said they “believe in” astrology – that’s more than 67 million people
  • In 2007, 41 million adults (1 in 5 Americans), purchased goods and services related to a “lifestyle of health, sustainability and holistic vision” with a total market value of approximately $209 billion. By 2011, the market has grown a whopping 69 percent to $355 billion.
  • In 2011, 1,278,400 Americans list on their Facebook profile that they “like” astrology

Even a casual glance at those statistics should make it clear: there are millions of people around the world interested in astrology. That means millions of potential clients for astrologers and customers for astrology-related products.


Now compare these facts to this:

  • In 2009, The Mountain Astrologer distributed 17,600 copies
  • In 2009, the membership of ISAR, NCGR, AFAN, AFA, CVA, OPA and AYA totaled less than 3,000 combined
  • Fewer than 500 astrologers in the U.S. claim to make astrology their full-time profession.

Do the math. Let’s say each one of those professional astrologers saw an average of 10 clients each week. Assuming no one ever took a vacation even to go to UAC, together, they could see 250,000 clients in a year. That still leaves an untapped market of millions of potential clients.

So, what are we doing wrong?

Over my years observing the astrology community, I’ve noticed that astrologers too easily fall into the traps of vanity and self-pity.

  • Vanity (our public excuse): “Astrology is awesome, so if I’m not successful it must be because ‘society’ is against astrology.”
  • Self-pity (our secret fear): “I don’t have any clients, so I must not be good enough/deserving enough/etc.”

But alas, as long as we wallow in either vanity or self-pity, we have no power to change our destiny.

Dare I paraphrase? The fault, dear astrologers, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Astrologers need to look at the facts and not our fears. We need to be honest about how we are sabotaging our efforts. We must understand what is needed to make an astrology business successful, and learn how to get it. For example:

  • We need to make a case for astrology in a way that speaks to what people desire
  • We need to package our services and products in a way that appeals to customers desires
  • We need to acquire the knowledge and tools to run small businesses effectively
  • We need to write business plans that plot a roadmap for business success

The solution is simple, though implementing it is not necessarily easy.

You need to get educated on business planning, budgeting, marketing, social media, legal issues related to your State’s business and tax laws – in other words the same steps required of any successful entrepreneur.

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