What I mean by the Professional and Personal practice of astrology

What I mean by the Professional and Personal practice of astrology

Glasscock, Robert—a personal anecdote, by Robert Glasscock

Somebody once said to me, resentfully: “You get everything you want, don’t you?”

Now, that’s an interesting question and one I’d never thought about. I realized that, to this man, it seemed I DID get everything I wanted.

But personally, I knew better. Without thinking, I replied, “No, I don’t. But the difference between you and me is that everything I have in my life, I wanted.”

Meaning, of course, that there was nothing in my life that I did not want there.

Years later, somebody else—this time a woman at a party in Hollywood—said to me, admiringly, “You’ve succeeded at everything you’ve tried!”

I knew that wasn’t true either, but I was dumbfounded. Nobody before or since has ever said anything remotely like that to me, including me.

“What?” I asked her. I was completely taken aback.

“Well, you wanted to be an actor, so you moved to Los Angeles and won a scholarship and joined Actor’s Equity and Screen Actors’ Guild and became an actor. You got into astrology and became a professional astrologer. Then you wanted to be a writer-producer and you became that too.”

Well, in that sense she was right.

And as we talked, I explained that it was all astrology, which I’ve practiced professionally and personally for 48 years and (I couldn’t believe it so I worked it out) over 30,000 clients.

The self-understanding and desires; the goals, the timing, the initiative, the education and training, the discipline, the people skills, the performance and follow-through, the professional standards and ethics.

All consciously understood and sought through astrology.

Even those hopes I never achieved—or “failed” at—I understood why through astrology. They made perfect sense; increased my self-understanding and my understanding about how life works. All through the practice of astrology.

Since I was twenty, I’ve lived all my life—that’s more than 2/3 of it, now—with astrology. A large part of that time has been in professional practice, as my sole income.

The acting, writing and producing all seemed natural parts and parcels of my horoscope, because my main love has always been expanding my understanding myself and other people; how and why we move through life; how we create and co-create our lives.

To that end, the creative arts I’ve studied and practiced; the psychology; the study of character and motive, interpersonal dynamics, failure and achievement, triumphs and tragedies; metaphysics and medical astrology; religion; politics and economics; broad social causes, teaching; constantly reading, learning and interacting . . . all of my life has been built on the ancient foundation of astrology.

It has rewarded me with a reliable perspective on decision-making and timing that is simply unobtainable any other way.

That’s what I mean about the Professional and Personal practice of astrology.