Untying the Knots of the Twelve-Letter Alphabet

Untying the Knots of the Twelve-Letter Alphabet

What Do You Gain from Not Using the Twelve-Letter Alphabet?

For the beginner, it would become easier to learn astrology, all kinds of astrology.  The planets would have their own realms of meaning, including different manifestations within the psyche and in outer events, qualities, and things in the world. The planets would relate to signs through dignity and debility that allows us to better understand the effects of all the signs on all the planets. The houses would remain ways to assess planetary strength and to represent different players in a horary, event, and electional astrology.  One would not value natal astrology over the latter but see them all as interrelated, all parts of the same great work.

The more advanced student or new professional astrologer would be less inclined to look for overarching themes of a chart but to let the chart disclose information that answers specific questions.  This will increase one’s ability to see a chart for what it contains and for practical applications to the lives of our clients.

For the veteran astrologer, it’s an opportunity to find other possibilities for interpreting natal charts, such as using the house joys discussed above.  More broadly, it’s an opportunity and to view Western astrology as a continuum extending across the centuries, not something that has come and will go with modern psychodynamic or New Age sensibilities.  Knowing, however, that most “experts” change their minds only at knife-point and beyond, my expectations are lower for professional astrologers than for newer students.  The unexpected does happen, from time to time, and I would be happy if this article sparks some good discussion among seasoned astrologers about these important matters.

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