On the Crown of the Scorpion : Ramana Maharshi ‘s death experience

Eclipses have always played an important role in human history. They have decided over  battles, over the fate of emperors. In this article I will try to link an eclipse to an enlightenment event, of Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950), the great advaita teacher of India. More than 65 years after his death, he still is an inspiration to many spiritual seekers, in both the east and the west.

“A Summary of Directed Angles and Primary Directions” by John Savarese

Primary Directions are an ancient technique for forecasting. It is based on the primary motion of the earth – its 360 degrees of motion over the course of one day. As the earth turns, each of the planets rise, culminate and set. John Savarese provides a summary of his books that explain the technique and the steps for calculation.

The Zodiac: Sidereal Vs. Tropical

Critics of astrology often argue that “astrologers,” a loosely defined group that includes dabblers, serious students, and practicing astrologers, are uniformed in regard to the existence of two zodiacs. They may be right about the first group, but certainly not about the second and third. For the past 40 years, at least, most serious astrology books have drawn attention to the tropical-sidereal debate when the topic of the zodiac is discussed. There is no excuse for anyone who considers themselves an “astrologer” today to be ignorant of the existence of this complex issue.