On the Crown of the Scorpion : Ramana Maharshi ‘s death experience

On the Crown of the Scorpion : Ramana Maharshi ‘s death experience

By: Erik Boen

Note: This articles gives an example of a delineation using the sidereal zodiac.

Eclipses have always played an important role in human history. They have decided over  battles, over the fate of emperors. In this article I will try to link an eclipse to an enlightenment event, of Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950), the great advaita teacher of India. More than 65 years after his death, he still is an inspiration to many spiritual seekers, in both the east and the west.

The techniques used here are a combination of parans (star and planets at the same time on one of the angles, based on the work of Bernadette Brady) and secondary progressions. One lot, the part of death is used because the event studied is a near or total death experience, resulting in enlightenment and a life dedicated to spreading self-inquiry as a sure technique to self-realization.

maharishi01 chart

Ramana  Maharishi had a near death experience at the age of 16, while still at home  somewhere very near to 14 July 1896, given or take a few days at the most, the chart below is the secondary progressed horoscope[1]:

maharishi02 2ndprogression

In secondary progression this is the horizon with Pluto, the planet of the Underworld rising . This makes sense as Ramana had a terrifying experience of dying, an experience which the sages say prepares the soul for enlightenment and spiritual work as the fear and limitations of the ego-mind are blown away.  Once a soul conquers this experience in a still, observing manner,( not  possible for 99,9 % of us normal mortals, and not possible without thorough spiritual practices like meditation) the final stages of the spiritual quest can start.

Ramana had this experience at the tender age of 16:

maharishi03 stars

At the same time as Pluto is rising on the horizon, the star Deneb Algedi in Capricorn is culminating(on the orange vertical line), so this what we call a paran  between the planet  Pluto and the fixed star Deneb Algedi. Both star and planet have to be either at the horizon line or at the Prime Meridian, where all celestial bodies culminate or anticulminate. If you look in “Planet and Star Combinations”, you will find some 70 big fixed stars and the parans to all the planets from Sun up to Pluto.  Brady delineates this paran:

Interest in the fabric of the Law, to want to understand the workings of society. To wrestle with the legal system.[2]
I would describe this as a big transformation, transforming even the normal ego or cosmic Laws. Deneb Algedi, in Capricorn, is the Lawmaker, about the laws that govern our existence, imbedded in our perception of reality or the very fabric of the human condition, so  Pluto Deneb Algedi is about transforming, cracking these laws, seeing through the matrix, stepping beyond it.
If we calculate the Lot of Death according to Abu Mashar and attested by Zoller[3]  = Asc + cups 8 – Saturn  we get , from Ramana’s birth chart : 18°Scorpio. In this secondary progression, Venus, lord of the natal Ascendant, has progressed to the exact Lot of Death. Note also, because of the closeness to the equator, house cusps will not vary a lot, whether Placidus, Koch, Equal,….. almost all within one degree.
Second notable thing is the exact alignment of ascendant and Lilith or Black Moon, indicating that the Mother Goddess(here in one of her more fearful and fierceful forms like Kali, Durga)  was present at this transformation.
Following is the list of parans for the secondary progression around 8:54 am:
 Dschubba    Setting   324°22′   00°ø 05′   08:48   Crown of the Scorpion star
 Deneb Algedi    Culm    325°06′    22°ú45′   08:49
 Lilith    Rising   325°09′    00°ò 52′    08:49
 Pluto   Rising    325°32′    01°ò15′   08:51
 Cor Serpentis    Setting    325°44′    01°ø27′   08:56
 Graffias   Setting    326°13′   01°ø 55′    08:58   Crown of the Scorpion star


maharishi04 skymaharishi05 snakeThe stars Graffias and Dschubba belong to the “Crown of the Scorpion”


I see these stars also as the hood of the cobra,(Cobra on its tail or Scorpio) and connect this constellation to the Kundalini and the rising up of the spiritual energy from the Muladhara, the first chakra to the crown chakra, where the hood stands for the expansion of the spiritual energy (a thousand Suns)  and connection to the cosmos.


Please notice  that the sign on the back of the hood of the Cobra is the logo for the South Node, Ketu, indicating that Ketu indeed is connected to the final outcome of Kundalini, when the energy has risen to the region of the head. No coincidence that Ketu in Jyotish or Indian Astrology is called :


Jnanakaraka, the indicator of wisdom, the path Ramana followed through his  relentless self-inquiry.

Mokshakaraka, the indicator of spiritual liberation.

These stars in the crown of  Scorpio are setting at the time of the death experience : a strong kundalini experience was thus at work, cooperating with the Pluto rising and Deneb Algedi culminating : this is a very powerful mix for any kind of deep mystical transformation.



When we try to link an eclipse to the first near death experience in 1896 we first select the visible eclipses from his birthplace (NASA site [4])

           Start                    Max                                 End 

1890-Jun-17 P 10:44:58 32 11:53:55 16 292 12:53:02 03 0.461 0.343
1890-Dec-12 P 00:56(r) 0(r) 01:07:35 02 114 01:20:56 05 0.026 0.005
1894-Apr-06 P 01:26:59 10 02:32:57 26 088 03:47:13 45 0.901 0.872
1894-Sep-29 P 03:32:34 42 04:26:54 55 108 05:24:56 68 0.285 0.175

maharishi06 chartSome parans for the eclipse :

RISING – Stars of Your Youth
  • Acrux as Mercury is Rising orb 00 mins 14 secs –
    • A practical thinker who takes decisive action in solving problems
      Arising and lying hidden
  • Alhena as  Sun is On Nadir orb 00 mins 21 secs –
    • A leader with a mission, a person who is identified with a cause
  • Vega as  North-Node is On Nadir orb 00 mins 28 secs –
    • The dreamer, the inventor, one who is devoted to a  vision of the future
  • Phact as  North-Node is Culminating orb 01 mins 09 secs –
    • A journey that changes everything
CULMINATING – Stars of Your Prime
  • Alkes as Pluto is Setting orb 00 mins 06 secs –
    • To be awed and humbled by the emerging story of life. To lose oneself to a larger theme.
  • Alpheratz as  North-Node is Culminating orb 00 mins 07 secs –
    • The desire to better oneselfCurtailed passage
  • Ankaa as  Sun is On Nadir orb 00 mins 32 secs –
    • The desire to alter and transform
  • Capulus as  Mars is Culminating orb 00 mins 40 secs –
    • Willing to deal with the difficult or macabre
  • Ras Alhague as  Venus is Setting orb 01 mins 01 secs –
    • A person who expands the collective’s options by increasing the information available
  • Canopus as  Jupiter is Culminating orb 01 mins 21 secs –
    • The hero or the heroine
  • Canopus as  Sun is Rising orb 01 mins 26 secs –
    • Leadership which can be inspirational or dictatorial
  • Acrux as  Sun is Culminating orb 01 mins 44 secs –
    • Sort of crucifixion of the little Ego, to make place for the true Soul         

All the texts are from Brady, Star and Planet Combinations, I just changed the ones from Acrux, as they do not do justice to the star’s energy in my opinion. Where I changed the text, it is cursive.

Note the presence of Ankaa, the alpha star of the Phoenix, the bird that rises out of its ashes and so embodies a renewed life!!

If we make a bi-wheel of Ramana’s natal chart and the eclipse on the outside:

maharishi07 biwheel

The eclipse degree is square to the natal Sun of Ramana (12°Virgo/ecl – 14° Sun/ram) but look at the eclipse lord, the planet ruling the degree of the eclipse(12°Virgo). It is Mercury, so Mercury rules this eclipse. This ruler is very close to the ascendant of Ramana,(1°12 Libra for Mercury and 1°46 for the ascendant). The eclipse of 1894 will have a major effect on the life and personality of Ramana in the years following September 1894 through the square to his Sun and through the ruler of the eclipse Mercury.

star map

The three white dots on the horizon near the vertical purple line are the crown stars of Scorpio. We see that for India and for the exact place where Ramana was residing, the Cobra (or Scorpion) indeed stands on its tail (Shaula Sargas) and that the crown is just setting.

If we start from the eclipse to the actual death experience on mid July 1896 through secondary progression we get this horoscope:

maharishi09 chart

PARAN ANALYSIS for the 14 July 1896, here in secondary progression counted from the moment of the eclipse on 29 September 1894:

VENUS is rising, the planet that is lord of Ramana’s Libra ascendant and following stars are all on the angles of the horoscope(either rising, setting, culminating or anticulminating):

  • Ras Alhague – Anticulminating orb 02 mins 03 secs –
    • To physically try and make a difference, to be pro-active in seeking change
  • Alnilam – Culminating at the Mid-heaven orb 01 mins 13 secs –
    • To care about precision and detail in the way you live your life, the star of Dattatreya, the Adiguru, Guru of all Gurus.
  • Aculeus – Anticulminating orb 01 mins 08 secs –
    • A lifestyle where wisdom is learned in the school-of-hard-knocks
  • Denebola – Rising at the Ascendant orb 01 mins 09 secs –
    • A lifestyle of struggling against establishment thinking, to seek a life on the edge of society, a loner, to be drawn to alternative groups. To do one’s best work when one steps outside of established systems.

I could have expanded even more on other techniques beside stars and parans and one Arabic part (lot) but there is enough evidence that secondary progressions in combination with parans work. Key to remember:

Eclipses are also sort of gateways, or key moments when big changes can occur if the eclipse hits an important natal planet or point (Asc, Mc, Ic, Desc) and if the eclipse is visible at the location.

In honour of Bernadette Brady and Rumen Kolev, two of my teachers and sources of inspiration.

Erik Boen
  1. Sirius 2.0,  astrological software by David Cochrane. As a siderealist, I use Fagan ayanamsha.
  2. Brady, Star and Planet combinations, p.153.
  3. Robert Zoller : Lost Key of Prediction, p.107. The Lot of Death is one of the Arabic parts, counted by adding the degrees of ascendant and 8th house cusp , then deducting the degree of Saturn: Asc= 181°46 + cusp 8= 31°44’ minus Saturn = 346°11 : 181°46 +31°44 -346°11 = 213°30 -346°11 = 573°30 -346°11= 227°19= 17°19 Scorpio.
  4. https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse.html  Starlight, astrological software developed by Bernadette Brady.
  5. Starlight, astrological software developed by Bernadette Brady.