Mary Shelley: The Inventive Writer with a Lasting Legacy

Mary Shelley: The Inventive Writer with a Lasting Legacy

By Bernie Ashman

This short article is focused on the unique ability of Mary Shelley to tell a story with great imagination by thinking out of the box. She was born with her Virgo Sun sign in conjunction to the planet that triggers innovation, Uranus. It gave her a strong mind that did not fear what others might think of her even after publishing a book such as Frankenstein during the 19th century. Uranus is the ruler of her 9th house with the sign Aquarius placed upon its cusp. The 9th house has connections to publishing, education and writing. Both Uranus and Aquarius have an emphasis on independence. Ms Shelley was self-educated early in life and loved making use of her father’s vast library. She said that this is where she found peace of mind.

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The Moon has special prominence in our childhood years. Ms Shelley’s Sagittarius Moon gave her an early fondness for books. She published a poem through her father’s newsletter at age ten! The Sagittarius influence filled her lunar instincts with a love of the world. It was while in Scotland she met her future husband, the famous poet Percy Shelley. The couple made friends with Lord Byron while traveling in Switzerland who introduced Mary to the idea of writing a novel that centered around a horror story. Sagittarius has rulership over foreign people, cultures and even concepts introduced from a variety of sources. It is no wonder that a woman born in England might get her writing inspired in Scotland.

One last point about this Sagittarius Moon. It forms a wide trine (120 degree aspect) to Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius. This is a key repeating theme in her chart that indicates a bit of luck in the writing field. It gave her the optimism to put her thoughts on paper and share them with the public. Also, just like with the 9th house, both Sagittarius and Jupiter play heavily into publishing.

Mercury is the planet that has strong links to communication and very much writing. Her Mercury was in the same sign of Virgo as was her Sun, Mars and Uranus. Her attention to detail through Virgo was magnificent. She was a pragmatic writer. But where was the imagination connection in her chart? Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo in Astrology. Gemini is a powerhouse influence for any writer. This sign is intercepted in her 12th house. The 12th house represents her imagination in a large way. This is the house that gives an individual access to the collective unconscious and to tell a story with a penetrating intuitive awareness of how to reach many readers. It was as though writing was her Meditation and gave her a dynamic Spiritual experience! The 12th house is where we seek unity and to have faith in our highest values. This particular house is where a person can stay hidden as well. When Frankenstein was published people did not know who wrote the book as it was released anonymously! It was believed that Mary’s husband, Percy Shelley must have written it. It was later that the word got out about the true author being Mary Shelley.

Ms Shelley’s final novel, Mathilde, was not released until the 1950’s, one hundred years after her death in 1853! Frankenstein remains a story and book still praised today as a masterpiece. What in her chart refers to this legacy left long after her death? Pluto is the planet in astrology related to legacies. It sits at the top of her chart in the 10th house. The 10th house is connected to career and what we are trying to show the public. In this instance it reveals an author that likely will remain in our memory for centuries to come!

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