The Perils of Prediction: Superbowl 50

The Perils of Prediction: Superbowl 50

By: Cynthia Withers

What happens when your prediction goes wrong? Last month, Cynthia Withers presented a webinar where she walked the audience through an analysis of the game chart, the team charts, and the charts of the quarterbacks to make a prediction. The general conclusion: Carolina would win.

The final outcome for Super Bowl 50?  Carolina – 10 and Denver – 24

Cynthia offered this analysis of the problem:

There were three things I said correctly, but should have heard what I said and put the favor back to Denver.

  • I said in the Game Chart, Vegas favored Carolina -4 ½ points; Game Sun was quincunx Jupiter.
  • I said favorite had to make adjustment to win against the point spread and
  • I said I did not think they would win against the spread. I said, “If they won, they could win by two”. I was wrong. This is how we learn from studying what we have at hand.

Carolina Team Chart –

Super Bowl Mercury was at 23 Capricorn 05 conjunct the Carolina Panthers’ Neptune at 23 Capricorn 02 Rx.

Mercury is the quarterback and we talked about how was the Neptune going to affect him (insecurity, confusion, or intuitive). We now know he was spiritual and praying before and during the game.

We also questioned how Cam Newton would play with this aspect. He did not play well at all and made bad decisions all night. In his last fumble, he did not even go after the football. Everyone saw that bad decision and it certainly did make him look bad. Cam was pounded and sacked 7 times. He really took a beating. He had never seen a defense like Denver.

Carolina’s Kicker, Graham Gano had game Saturn at 14 Sagittarius square his Venus at 14 Pisces. He missed the first field goal that could have inspired his team to try harder being 3 points closer, but that was not to be.

If we see these aspects in the future, we will know to do the opposite of what I said in the Weimar. It is exciting to watch the aspects come alive and tell us what they mean.

The Game Sun was semisextile the Game Venus by 1 minute. I said could affect Carolina in scoring and game plan – well, it did not help at all.

Peyton Manning got his 200th win in Super Bowl 50. John Elway stepped down and retired after his second Super Bowl win. The reporters tried to get Manning to commit to same, but he said he wanted to go kiss his wife and children and thank God for the opportunity for all he has had.

Gary Kubiac had the Game Moon sextile his natal Jupiter. Instead of being emotionally overconfident, he received a sweet reward. And it was especially sweet after he had been fired fired two years ago by Houston. On February 20, Kubiac ended up as the Super Bowl 50 winning coach.

Below you can view the webinar and see all the considerations that went into this prediction:

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Astrologer Cynthia “Rusty” Withers began her interest in sports astrology when she attended Baylor University in the early 1970’s. She began looking at Baylor’s basketball team to see the chart characteristics of a basketball player verses those who played football, baseball or hockey. After graduation, she continued her research and contacted the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLH for the official birth charts of their teams. In 1993, two weeks after she had completed getting the date, time, and location of the NFL team charts, Ed Perone asked her to start predicting the outcome of the NFL games on GEenie (this was before the internet as we know it today). Cynthia was on 25-30 radio shows predicting the outcome of the Super Bowls from 1993-2005.