Big Picture: Know your Audience

Big Picture: Know your Audience

By: Alex Zolotov

If you are an emerging astrologer and are trying to establish your career as a practicing astrologer, you might get overwhelmed with things you need to do. Finances need to be straightened out, prices set, the website or blog needs to be created… The list goes on and on.

Among those things, your marketing plan and efforts deserve a special attention.

Completing my marketing degree was very helpful for me. But you don’t need to have one to run your emerging business successfully, or at least, set it up well. I would like to share with you some marketing tips that were proven to be successful for me and my growing astrological practice.

Marketing ourselves and our business is how we find potential clients and create our brand, which is who we are or our skills we are known for.

The first thing that is necessary to understand is who we want to attract: who are these clients you want to do business with. In marketing, they call it a target audience (or buying persona) – a specific group of people with the unique characteristics you want to attract and aim for. Sadly, it is a myth that we can appeal to everyone. By trying to please a wider audience, we risk getting no one’s attention at all. On the contrary, when we aim for a specific group of people, we have a better chance of attracting them, based on the services we can provide.

Here is my personal example.

When I started doing astrology professionally (believe me, it wasn’t that long ago), I decided to focus on the Millennials. They are also called Generation X, those who are born between 1981 and 1997. Since I am a representative of this generation, I knew that I would be interested in ‘targeting’ the millennials, since I could relate and see what they value and what they need, especially when they hear about astrology. The more I work with Millennials, the more I understand what influences their decision to turn to astrology and what they expect from such services. I also adjusted my marketing efforts, so that I could find my potential clients where they are (social media, public/open-air events, etc.).

If you haven’t decided who your target audience is, it is time to consider this question. You might want to focus on people from a certain location, like your city or state. Or you might limit your scope by aiming at people from a certain generation, meaning those who are born with specific planetary signatures, like Uranus Pluto or Saturn Neptune conjunction; Pluto in Leo/Libra, Scorpio.

The point is to find the audience you are akin to and put more effort in reaching that audience. That way, you are not wasting your time trying to please everyone, but rather concentrating on clients you are best at helping and working with.