Prediction Techniques and the 2012 Election

By: Enid Newberg The daily countdown to the Presidential election has started in earnest. It’s the season of prediction, so of course astrologers are feeling right at home. Since the Presidential Panel in May at UAC 2012 to the latest commentary in blogs, newsletters and the Huffington post, astrologers have used a wide variety of […]

Solar Returns, Part 2

The Planets and Their Positions in the Solar Return What is the ascendant of the solar return? Where does its ruler lie in the solar return and in the natal? Is it on an angle? If so, then there is more action concerning the year and its activities. When you look at the solar return […]

Solar Returns, Part I

By: Georgia Stathis The author, Georgia Stathis is the owner of Starcycles, a former board member at Kepler College and primary instructor for the Business & Finance Certificate in the Kepler Certificate Program. Solar Returns are not a new technique.  Firmicus Maternus mentioned Solar Returns in his work. In an article by Maria Mateus regarding […]

Where’d that come from?

By: Enid Newberg I don’t know of any astrologer who doesn’t jump at the chance to learn more and increase his or her skills. I am certainly no exception to this rule. And this leads me to a pet peeve I have with many otherwise wonderful articles and lectures: I cannot tell where the information came […]

Features of Hellenistic Astrological Techniques

Features of Hellenistic Astrological Techniques Joseph Crane Here I address not the historian and scholar of the Hellenistic world, but instead I address the person who is trained in modern astrology and comes to this astrological tradition for the first time. There are several issues that one who is familiar with other astrological traditions must […]