Fixed Stars

Omens in the Stars: A Brief History of Babylonian Astrology

The roots of Western astrology can be traced back to the ancient people of Mesopotamia; the most detailed, surviving records of the origins of astrology are found in the archaeological remains of the ancient cities of Babylonia. Some of the oldest recorded astrological tablets date back to Babylonian civilization from 2400 BCE.

Making Amends with Medusa

There are many folks out there who, when discovering that they have a personal planet conjunct this fixed star get what I refer to as Algol anxiety. After learning of this placement, panic sets in, people instantly think that they’re doomed and find themselves wondering, “What’s going to happen? Or “how will I lose my head?!” Learning about this so called “unfortunate “placement doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience; in fact, there could be a life altering lesson that needs to be absorbed, that when mastered, can actually improve your life in ways that weren’t possible without her presence.

The Fallen Madonna – Story of Zosma

By: Miloš Tomic Zosma, also known as Dhur (“the Lion’s back”), Wadha (“the wise”), or its astronomical name, Delta Leonis, is a star of the constellation Leo. (1) As the fixed stars move at the speed of 1° every 72 years, Zosma currently is at 11°20’ Virgo. Vivian E. Robson wrote that this star has […]