Esoteric Astrology, the Soul and Consciousness

Addressing Soul is the area for Esoteric or Soul-centered astrology. This is the type of astrology that answers, “what is my Purpose?” and, “why am I here?” as well as giving one the understanding of one’s place within the greater collective.

Paradigm Within a Paradigm

Attempts to translate astrological symbolism into forms acceptable to Christians began in the early centuries of the Christian era. Leonardo Da Vinci painted his work “The Last Supper” in a time when correspondences between apostles and zodiac signs had been in circulation for well over a thousand years.

Astrology & The Mystical Kabbalah

What do the Four Universes, the 22 Hebrew letters and the Kabbalah Tree of Life have to do with astrology? Nearly everything! The roots of this practice relate to the 12 months of the year, the seven visible planets and synergy of the elements. Kabbalah is rooted in ancient Judaic mysticism which can through study and practice, bring you into direct relationship with the divine.

The Zodiacal Template

By: Walter Cambra The author of The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, employs the astrological zodiacal wheel in his work and refers to the zodiac as “the twelve-toothed cogwheel” (Purgatorio, Canto IV, v. 64). Dante mentions that his realization of having strayed from the true way came in his thirty-fifth year as “the sun was climbing […]

The Mystery of Light and the Name of God

By: Walter C. Cambra, M.A.  (F. R. C.) The last unsolved riddle in The Sibylline Oracles suggests there is an arcane name for the Heavenly Father of Jesus-the-Christ.  The numerical value total for the letters of the Heavenly Father’s name conceals two occult features which, when elucidated, reveal the Heavenly Father to be the source […]