A Strange Coincidence: Lubitz and Holmes

Natal charts are similar to fingerprints in that they are distinctive and personal, but there are chart themes that connect people by life experience across families and across cultures. Lubitz and Holmes share the all too common theme of loneliness in this busy world. The description of Lubitz as a loner with few friends and facing medical issues is eerily similar to the description of Holmes as “stubborn, uncommunicative and socially inept”.

Astrological Speculations Concerning Andreas Lubitz

By: Damiel Giamario Famous figures and important events offer astrologers an irresistible opportunity to find meaning in the chart. But it also raises important questions about our own biases and projections that we need to keep in mind. As Damiel Giamario notes below, millions have “Saturn complexes” but do not show such an extreme response […]