Astro Review Week of September 25, 2023

The final week of September brings a swell of big feelings and big energy to help us adjust to both our path and vision as we also close out important chapters of our story.  Thinking back to the beginning of the month when Mercury was retrograde, we are now revisiting a trine to retrograde Jupiter that will be helping us come up with a new plan to rework the big dream.  Right before the Moon is full in Aries, it makes a sextile to Jupiter as well, the planet who loves to make everything a bit extra!  This energy is helping us connect to our feelings and it’s a great time to consider where we want to continue development and where wish to gain knowledge.  The end of the week delivers not only a Full Moon in Aries which highlights our personal interests but also Venus is square Uranus, asking us to work towards a conclusion about money and relationship issues that appeared in early July.

Aries.This is a special week for you Aries, and a perfect time to look back at how far you’ve come.  Perhaps this will help you see where you’ve reached a conclusion in your path.  It’s time to honour and celebrate your achievements and listen to your feelings so that you can consider where the trail is leading.  If you’ve been engaging with your important people who are impacted by your big moves, you might have a clear understanding of where the path needs to go from here.

Taurus.You’ve been busy with a lot of everyday activities and you may be feeling an overwhelming need to be alone right now.  This is a great week to enjoy not only some downtime, but maybe you can treat yourself to a potent release through a sound bath or a meditation journey.  Stillness for you may help you to discover some hidden potentials and reveal your next moves.  Something within you desires a very deep change.

Gemini.Focusing on fun and what brings you a sense of pleasure has probably been lightening the load, and now your feelings may be turned towards the role you play in other people’s lives.  Are you feeling a sense of happiness there?  This is a good time to find out as you are pulled towards engaging with more people.  A great week to respond to others and see where you stand, don’t worry, your good side is showing.

Cancer.This week brings an invitation for you to take charge and show your responsible side.  Even if you’ve been focused on the home front a little more than usual, you’re being asked to consider your needs on the world stage.  Look at the hats that you wear and consider how you feel about them.  Perhaps there’s some tension between your worth and your friends, how can you make the necessary adjustments with dignity and respect?

Leo. You may have been feeling quite stuck in your head and now your feelings rise towards a sense of freedom and adventure.  It’s important to consider what your emotions are telling you and how you are finding meaning among all the data.  Your grace under pressure will come from an inner sense of faith that greatness becomes you.  Time to look towards the next quest, what’s your ‘why’ strategy?

Virgo. Themes of ‘give and take’ seem to highlight this week as you are seeking a balance between your own security and your engagement with others.  It’s wonderful to be needed and it’s also wonderful to feel secure in your own world.  Where are you on this spectrum right now?  Your insights this week will help you align with the bigger story.

Libra. Hopefully you’re getting an idea of what makes you so special and incredibly needed when it comes to supportive reflection.  Partnership tests whether challenging or not, are currently helping you understand the important role that you play.  Deeper intimacy and a need for deeper connection is driving your impulses at this time.  How can you be both naughty and nice?

Scorpio.If you’re being hard on yourself and your habits, rather than stuffing it down in shame and regret, pull a judo move and use that energy to take up something new.  Or maybe it’s not that dramatic.  In any case, something in your every day story is ready to stick a pin in it.  This is a good period in your life to hit the reset button.

Sagittarius.All this engagement with the world may be bringing a need for you to find what brings you happiness again.  This is a great week to consider what helps you create your special sauce.  Your prescription is ringing less cowbell and finding more romance and fun.  Kick up your heels and seek some adventure, even in your day to day story.

Capricorn.Your world may be feeling a bit flipped on its axis this week as the challenge is for you to meet priorities at home.  Maybe there’s a home project that is reaching a crescendo and it’s important that you focus on your private world.  Perhaps you can see where the adjustments are needed in your path to support the other half of your story.  In any case, when it comes to work right now, pour from your saucer and not the cup.

Aquarius.You’ve probably been seeking a little bit more out of life lately, and now it’s a great time to consider the details.  A little personal admin never hurt anyone.  If you’re holding joint resources with anyone, investigate how they will sustain you.  It’s important that you take care of the emails, the invoices, and the important conversations to keep the good times rolling.

Pisces.Power dynamics seem to be at the heart of your recent challenges lately, whether it be with someone else or yourself.  Now is a good time to look at how you can call that power back.  Your comfort and security is just as important as another’s or else you could risk decisions based on fear.  Light up the altar and cleanse!

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