Astro Review Week of September 18, 2023

This week welcomes the 1st Quarter Moon and we may be discovering how the idealism our intentions from the New Moon in Virgo is colliding with the real world.  The Sun opposing Neptune at the beginning of the week may start off quite dreamy and detached and we may notice a struggle in creating boundaries, especially with time.  As the week develops however, the Sun trine Pluto is helping us get more in touch with our personal power as we seek possibilities to achieve our plans.  This can be a time of adjusting to the bigger picture and as we also begin Libra season this week, the focus will shift into partnerships and creating more harmony.  This is a great time to be engaged and allow space for adjustments, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and negotiate with our dreams.

Aries. Honesty is the best policy for you this week Aries, just make sure that you that also allow that same approach for others.  Your relationship zone becomes an important focus this week and therefore it’s important to check in with those key partners to make sure your big plans are in sync.  How can you invite more passion and fun together?

Taurus.Focus for you now shifts into your daily experience and if you’ve been considering where you can invite more fun into your life, how can you adjust your schedule to make that happen?  Inspiration is coming from a need to belong as you feel a pull between your friends and your own desires.  Honour the new direction unfolding for you if you’ve been feeling a change of heart.  It’s time to create new habits with meaning.

Gemini. You may have been feeling quite inward as you’ve been looking for ways to belong to yourself once again. This week offers an opportunity to focus on more balance when it comes to relationships, passions, and purpose.  Seek creative opportunities to express your heartfelt needs and watch the magic unfold.

Cancer.Exploring your emotions and expressing them in healthy ways seems to be a winning approach for you this week, Cancer.  Looking at your habits and engaging with a new daily ritual may help you ground yourself.  How you feed yourself is just as important as how you feed others, seek ways to empower yourself to make the best connections.

Leo. Your attraction power right now is very much linked to how you are expressing yourself.  Perhaps you’re redefining your ideas and concepts about what that means for you.  Muster up your courage, dear lion because it’s time to put some ideas to the test in a creative way.  Have pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in where you are going.

Virgo.The first act of personal change is looking deeply at your foundations.  Not only your roots but also your sense of home, the structure that supports you.  When our foundations are strong, we then have the resources to branch out into the world.  Start by creating more balance in your finances as this is also a great week to consider where you are leaking money.  You know that your gut instincts are there for a reason, what needs to happen?

Libra.Your season has finally arrived and you may be feeling the new light inside you welling up.  With the Sun opposing Neptune that inspiration you might be feeling is a hint as to where to get the ball rolling.  This is an excellent time to pay attention to your insights and honour what needs to be said.  Honesty is going to serve you well.  It’s time to light up!

Scorpio.You may be having difficulty getting in touch with your fire at the moment and my recommendation is to lean into what you do best, observe what’s going on around you.  It’s time to watch what’s coming into shape and notice how your perceptions are influencing your experience.  It’s a great time to ask for feedback when it comes to your career, having a mirror is a perfect way to discover your magic.

Sagittarius.This is a great week to engage with your personal goals, whether it be a new look or a new path, some part of you is ready to level up.  Check in with your networks and friends and if you have a new idea or two brewing how can you facilitate the team work making the dream work?

Capricorn.Sometimes we add a lot more spice to life when we focus on what has meaning for us and acting on our inspirations.  This time of year usually brings a lot of development in your career zone as you’re making adjustments between your will and your purpose.  Why not include what you’re passionate about too and make it a little bit more fun.  What does achievement really mean?

Aquarius.Feeling like spicing it up a little through some hardcore collaboration with another?  All signs say go as this is a great time to engage with your vision, your dreams and have those deeper conversations.  Your relationship zone is a great source of inspiration right now, don’t be shy.

Pisces. It’s time to engage when it comes to your role in the world, perhaps this is naturally unfolding for you or it may be causing a little friction.  In any case, this is the season for you to find the magic, solve the riddle, and play with the mystery.  Notice who and what shows up for you and follow the path.

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