Astro Review Week of September 11, 2023

This week welcomes the Virgo New Moon on Thursday with the ruler of the Moon, Mercury stationing Direct.  Wherever the new Moon expresses itself for us, heightened sensitivity in these areas is likely, and a potential for renewal is found.  Therefore, this is a great week to plant new ideas, make plans and consider new ideas when it comes to our service, health and habits.  With the Sun trine Uranus on Saturday, a winning formula is innovation.  The quality of the energy this week comes with a little zing with an invitation to find time for pleasure.

Aries.Renewal comes now in the form of new daily habits centered on your health, your work and service.  Look at the fine print, be precise in your communications and draw up detailed boundaries with your time and schedule.  There’s a need to define the balance of power in your relationships and make sure you’re on equal footing together.  Any delays right now are supporting you in looking at all your options.  Make sure you create time for having a little fun.

Taurus. You may really be enjoying the energies this week Taurus.  The New Moon invites you to find new ways to have fun.  These new activities are going to help you also find creative ways of expressing yourself which will pay in dividends at the start of next year.  Somehow I get the feeling you may be looking to entertain at home, and if that brings you a sense of pleasure, then now is the time!  Time to discover what makes you special.

Gemini.If you’ve been wondering where you belong lately, now is the time to plant the seed which will then turn into the roots that hold the foundation of your life together.  You need a place from which to spread out and honor the deeper meaning of your own personal myth.  While you’re doing that you may really benefit from some inspired writing/journaling to help you discover what feels like yours.  Fun and games are only a distraction for you, use the creative forces available to you now to tell a bigger story.

Cancer. “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Thank you Corretta Scott King for reminding us how important community is and for you dear Cancer, this is a great week to work on some of your new ideas and dig in with the locals.  There’s also a little flirt with a home renovation project or perhaps you may be looking at creating a home based operation.  It might be an excellent time to meet some new friends.

Leo.A wonderful week to not only examine your health but also your wealth.  You may be looking at new ways of generating income and how you are attracting the goods.  Another consideration is this is a great time of renewal around how you value yourself monetarily and emotionally.  Where are you falling short and is it your attitude?  You could really shine as a personal coach right now, perhaps you are also the one that could do with your insight.

Virgo. New Moon, New You Virgo.  A winning formula for this personal time of renewal is finding ways to honor your inner genius.  With all the Mercury retrogrades happening in fellow Earth signs this year, hopefully you’ve been alchemising what distinguishes you from all the rest.  How are you learning to go beyond your self imposed limitations?  Which adventure has been delivering the goods?

Libra.I have a personal mantra for you at this time given to us by an advocate of the avant garde, Gertrude Stein, “Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle.  The joy you feel is life.”  You may notice a pattern around this time of the year where you might feel a sense of letting go.  This year seems to be quite poignant in that regard and just imagine all that you’ve been holding on to, but the truth is when we release, we receive.  How can you shed those layers to find the inner light that helps you shine?

Scorpio.You may be feeling inspired to express yourself in your public role or put a little more heart in your purpose.  You’re certainly in a great position to reflect your leadership potential.  This is a time of renewal around your hopes and dreams and the people you connect with on the wider scale.  Keep in mind, facilitation is an evolutionary act.

Sagittarius. There’s a new chapter unfolding around your purpose and this is the perfect time to ask yourself the question, “What does the world need from me? What role do I want to serve for the world?”  You may have that figured out already, but I also imagine that you are looking at what truly has meaning for you and how you might align both purpose and meaning.  Your heart is seeking expansion, go for it!

Capricorn. If you’re thinking about a new adventure, or ways to expand your world, then this is a great time to plant that little seed of hope.  You may be feeling a powerful urge when it comes your ambitions and a desire to break free from your own constraints.  It could be a good time to look at ways you can leverage your investments to help you make your next big move.

Aquarius. Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.  The new moon in Virgo this week is a potent moment to help you work with the powerful forces that have been appearing in your world this year.  What have you been obsessing about, where do you feel fear, what has been causing the clenching and gripping for you?  A lot of deep questions right now, but this is a crucial moment to consider where you are giving your power away and how you can call it back.  Your internal motivations are looking for an upgrade.

Pisces.A wonderful week to consider the key relationships in your life and how you fit into them.  If you’ve been sitting on some big news, this is a good time to go public.  You’ve probably been feeling a call to step up into something that brings more responsibility or recognition, and perhaps an agreement between you and someone else in the works.  Just make sure that you’re both on equal footing.

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