Astro Review Week of September 04, 2023

We begin this week with the waning Moon connected to Jupiter as it stations retrograde bringing important feelings towards your vision. There’s a chance that a new project started now will culminate in 6-8 weeks if the focus is practical.  A good week to assess what’s working and what isn’t and tie up remaining loose ends.

Aries.You’ve certainly been blazing some new trails this year and now it’s a week to tie up some loose ends on any important projects.  There may be strong feelings coming up between you and some important relationships, but please step back and count to ten.  If something needs to be said, make sure it comes from the heart.  Finances may be at the crux of your concerns but also remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  How can you make the most constructive use of your time?

Taurus.Have you been feeling like you’ve hit your growth edge recently?  Exploring your talents may be the key to your personal growth, and it all starts with what moves you.  While a lot of your energy may focused on your daily grind at the moment, this may also feel like it’s time to express your good taste at home.  Whether it be entertaining those special connections or making more luxurious space, your creative inspiration may be coming from new ways of belonging.

Gemini.There’s some recalibration in regards to where you are putting your roots down and you may be finishing up and tying off some loose ends at home.  Aside from the home front, you’ve been experiencing inner developments on a bigger plane and you may start to notice how your communication style is reflecting those deeper questions of life.  Jokes may be at the heart of it all, but somehow what you say lands in a heart felt way.  Play with paradox.

Cancer.Important conversations and some re-working of your ideas may be at the heart of your future dreams.  How is your personal network supporting your inspired values and which ones feel the most aligned with what you love?  You may be feeling pressure to create more balance between purpose and home, and it’s time to focus on essentials.  Start with eliminating the superfluous.

Leo.Your leadership abilities have been put to the test and now it’s time to discern what’s been working and what hasn’t.  When it comes to your purpose you’ve probably been learning this year that growth comes from goodness, integrity, honesty, moral courage, and generosity.  Now there’s a question about your own security and wealth creation.  How are you using your powers of attraction to create a marriage of the two?

Virgo.It’s certainly your season to shine dear Virgo and as much as you love this time of year, you may be looking at ways that you are personally changing.  Where have your beliefs, vision and creations been leading you and which parts of your path no longer align with you?  This is an excellent week to think about a new project that will help you make your own mark. Long term agreements with others may be serious business, just remember sacrifices are not virtuous and it takes two to tango.  Make sure all agreements, especially financial ones are on the up and up.

Libra.You may be feeling like taking the backseat in personal matters as you start to reassess the role you play.  Most likely you are searching for inspiration through your network of friends, and indeed, there’s a new path developing for you.  I’m not suggesting you lock yourself away from everyone, as I know that is the worst idea ever, but it IS an excellent time to disconnect from the noise and reconnect to your soul.  Settle in with the stillness and find what is true.  Once you can feel your own light, your way will become very clear.  Be constructive rather than destructive and create a new daily routine to support mind, body and soul.

Scorpio.Your fear of being publicly exposed as a fraud is a stress related disorder called, imposter syndrome.  Most of the time it’s totally unfounded.  The fact is, the stress may be coming from the idea that you’ve been growing, especially in your relational skills department.  This has been drawing the right people towards you and now is an excellent time to consider how you might want to bring these connections together in the near future.  Which dreams and connections are falling away to make space for the new ones?

Sagittarius.Along with your purpose and role in the world, perhaps your daily grind is at the forefront of your concerns and that would make sense.  This is a great time to look at the habits you’ve been developing and the specific work that you do, I’m sure there’s some good with the bad.  A new project may be starting in the career zone and you will most likely need to adjust the daily details to align with what is good for you.  Look for inspiration to come from a deep well of knowledge or a weighty tome.

Capricorn.‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.’  Which side of this quote do you feel like you fall on right now?    Whichever it is, I feel a holiday coming.  Just remember that your growth edge this year is about following your passions and finding inspired ways to bring out your talents.  Play can be just as important as work.  If you’ve been ignoring this then you are missing the gift!  Something tells me that it might be time to look under the surface.

Aquarius.Interestingly, the lens of this month may be shining on a deeper mystery in your life.  What that mystery is I cannot say, but I feel this year may have been challenging you with a deeper idea of legacy.  Legacy is about where you come from, who you come from and what you create for others.  Somehow though, on a more practical and mundane scale much of it seems to be about money.  As Shakespeare said, ‘No legacy is so rich as honesty’, but a GoFundme campaign can certainly help.

Pisces. This week is all about creativity and shining your light. You may be feeling like nothing you do is going to amount to anything, but that’s not true. The New Moon encourages you to connect with ideas and creativity within you. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things – you never know what amazing opportunities might come your way! Focus on your passions and explore new ways of expressing yourself.I feel like you’ve been connecting a lot of dots lately and that’s good, because you may have an inspired message brewing.  The key is to look at which ideas and thoughts are based on real world solutions.  The lens right now is focused on the key partnerships in your life and perhaps you are considering what commitment means to you.  With a lot of the world experiencing a crisis in faith at the moment, you may be able to put your own unique spin on daily ritual and inspire the rest of us to do the same.

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