Astro Review Week of May 8, 2023


Jupiter is going thru the last days in the Aries sign; in the meantime, strong, stable Taurus Sun has unexpected influence with Uranus conjunction. Mercury is one more week in retro motion. You might expect the unexpected this week in some areas of your life! It is like a ballroom dance; the lead dancers are Uranus with Sun, followed by Mercury, North Node and Jupiter. Venus has just entered Cancer to enjoy family life in the sky squaring Neptune and trining Saturn. While Neptune is making some illusions for Venus, Saturn is helping with her concentration on the moment.

Aries.  You may see radical changes in your self-esteem; if you undervalue yourself, watch for positive changes. There might be a lot of vigorous activity at your home, and you may feel very protective of your ancestors and loved ones. Do you have high expectations of someone from your home, and are you obsessed with that person doing everything perfectly? It is time to think carefully and accept the person as they are, not as you would like them to be!

Taurus.  Yes, this week is all about you! What are you about to change with your self-expression? Have people around you told you yet, you have changed? Your reliable and solid foundation might be shaking, and you may be looking for independence from your restrictions. You may feel very motherlike to your close neighbours and close circle. You deeply know your place in your immediate friends, don’t lose yourself in blurry vision!

Gemini.  Your unconscious mind might be too busy working, and your conscious mind might be there to help it to concentrate. You might have some financial help from your family, and your family might help you to improve your values in day-to-day life. There might be an attraction to money to enhance love and home relations. You might have more financial expectations from your work. Think about your expectations carefully in order not to be disappointed in the end.

Cancer.  There might be some changes in your social circles and friends. Your hopes and dreams for the future are also changing over time. You can express your love for harmony and calmness. These days, you are acting to protect your home as a safe. Home is safe as it can be; your over-protection might come out as over the top to others. Watch out for yourself, and don’t become overly defensive. You could always go into the sidewalk like a crab when opposed

Leo.  Are you trying to change your identity through your work, or may you simply be trying to change your career to an unconventional one to make changes in society? Your ego might tell you that you control changing your life direction. There might be surprises at work which may turn you into a rebel. You might be pursuing future happiness and financial security and ignoring the present, and there might be time to meditate and do yoga to help you go through future worries.

Virgo. Your analytical thinking might make you meet very responsible partners, but they may be setting the boundaries for you. How you see foreign cultures and faraway lands might change as you change your view in life. You might have many friends very close to your heart and acting for social causes to improve family relations in your social groups. You might have over-enthusiastic and unrealistic expectations from your friends circle. You should analyse and change your expectations as this will help you not be disappointed

Libra. You are trying to balance and be neutral in your relationship with your partners, and you might be seeing your relationships with rose-coloured glasses. Try to keep off your glasses to have positive relationships. There might be unexpected changes in your mind towards your partner’s or business partners’ finances, which may transform your life. You might enjoy a harmonious illusioned relationship at work. Think about your responsibilities and boundaries to avoid disappointment!

Scorpio.  Your attitude might be changing in a rebellious manner in your relationships with your partner or work partners. If you choose, this might be positive and innovative in your relationship to take it forward. You might be acting for spiritual or religious causes with your family. The world seems home to you as your heart desires other cultures and countries. You decide for yourself if this is an illusion or reality with your limitations

Sagittarius. You may start the week needing clarification about your emotions and other people’s emotions. The week will improve from Tuesday as you can deal with your feelings much easier while the moon moves into Capricorn. There might be unexpected changes in your routine and workplace. You might have unrealistic expectations from your relations and try to blame others for their lack of understanding; however, you might be giving confidence and stability to your partner or business partner. It would be best if you revisited your expectations of yourself and others to be successful in your relationships

Capricorn. You might be dreaming about adventures in your world when the week starts and go back to your responsibilities as early as Tuesday. This week, there might be some extra fun, creative fun hobbies, or partying. You are wise to push through the week and start the enjoyment of the week Friday evening! There might be some illusion or misunderstanding with one of your neighbours or close friend, but you will handle the situation well with careful consideration. Trust your intuition in your relationships during this week

Aquarius. Your heart desires to be part of a social group by the beginning of the week, and you might like to stay aloof from Tuesday. Your focus during this week might be some unexpected changes at home. Be careful with misunderstandings with who you live. At work, you might have idealistic expectations from your colleagues. Don’t underestimate your self-esteem; there is always competition at work; you can use your artistic skills to influence the work atmosphere positively

Pisces.  You might have some sudden changes in your communication and how you make your reasoning with the world, and your communication skills are transforming your life in your neighbourhood. Your close friends might see you as a rebel, original, or even arrogant person while you express your creativity with joy. You may have unrealistic expectations in your relationships with your partner or creative pursuits. Relax; the illusion will clear up by the end of the week.

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