Astro Review Week of May 22, 2023


Yesterday afternoon, Mars made a first move to Leo, followed by Sun’s activity to Gemini. Mars is opposite mighty Pluto. Mars, Pluto, South and North Nodes are making a grand cross in the sky. There might be a feeling of being trapped, enclosed or with nowhere to go, bringing incredible resilience and success. Goring thru the grand cross makes you feel like going thru a mouse hole and seeing a beautiful Sun at the end.

Aries. You may start this Monday feeling sensitive and need to communicate your feelings to feel comfortable. Your closest communication might be your close friends; in case you are alone, you may observe mood swings. You might be thinking and communicating easier while the Sun is in Gemini. You might spend your finances extravagantly on romance or creative pursuits. If you are playing any gambling games, don’t play for more than what you are willing to lose!

Taurus. Have you started thinking about your finances yet? Gemini Sun would like to consider how you could increase your income or what changes you may begin making. You have the energy of your firm, reliable Sun, and now your thinking and communicating seem to be on top of everything. You may meet one of your old close friends this week. You may feel stuck between the past, future, home and career. Trust your instincts, and don’t make impulsive decisions during the next couple of weeks.

Gemini. You have had Sun as a special guest at your home since yesterday. The energy level in your body might be flowing up with all the chattering in your head. You may sing, “this month is going well for me.” Your communication and curiosity will help you achieve your career goals. Don’t feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulder; you have the inner power and know your boundaries for your achievements

Cancer. Do you feel like you might get lost in your thoughts and have some time alone to think? Your mind might be working too fast to catch your breath, and this might be time to meditate and concentrate on the moment. You may feel stuck thinking about irresolvable issues between your finances and others and who spends on cinema or going out with friends. You may move aside for a while and observe, and eventually, you will come up with a creative solution and not feel vulnerable

Leo. You might spend more time with your friends from different groups, talking and enjoying while Sun enters Gemini. Your friends might be seeing how much physical energy you have started to have recently with the Mars entering Leo. It might be a good time to start running or exercising in the fresh air. Sports activities help you to get rid of slowly build-up negative energy from your mental and physical body. You may also use your power to be very active and creative at your work; this will ease any old pain related to your career goals.

Virgo. Your focus is moving towards your career, and social standing as Sun moves into Gemini, and you may need to socialise and have after-work drinks with some of your colleagues. You might sit down and analyse whether you can succeed in your goals but have all the energy and leadership skills you need for your work but may need help expressing yourself clearly. You may sense the pull from four directions, your subconscious mind, your daily routine, your interaction with close friends and your higher self. Let go of the past and concentrate on the moment to find happiness.

Libra. You may go thru differences in what you want over the year while Sun moves into other signs. Exploring the world and different cultures might be one of the things to research for you while the Sun enters a new sign. You may seek adventure in a foreign land you have always wanted. You might play a prominent role in a charity organization for humanitarian aid with your friends. You may feel inner tension over-thinking your transforming personal values, self-control, and actions and trying to control your feelings. You might be at the stage of transferring yourself to the new you

Scorpio. It might be a transformative period for you to explore the unknown with the new Sun in Gemini. You are born with the vital skills to adapt to new situations and might have already discovered the meaning of life. If you have not found your life purpose, you may encounter opportunities in the coming days. You may experiment with changes at home, which will positively guide you in your quest. You may synthase the polarities in your life between yourself, your partner, your house and your career. After your evaluation, you will learn how to use your potential and energy to fulfil your life goals in an integrated manner

Sagittarius. While Sun goes thru its’ orbit, you may change your attention in life each month. With the Gemini Sun, you may concentrate on your relationship with your partner or your business relations. You might be very busy changing your daily routine or work chores with the support of your family. You can trust your instincts for the subject you always wanted to learn, and it may be the time to start doing something now! Whatever negative energy is in the sky, you can avoid it easily by making a quick turn at the next opportunity

Capricorn. You might use Gemini Sun energy to concentrate on your work and structure your daily routine while feeling socialized with your friends and family at home. Your ability to communicate with structured compassion will help you in your relationship with your partner. You might remember some childhood hurts thru your relations. Before you embark on a joint venture with a business partner, look at your finances. Suppose you encounter any issues from all four corners in the coming days, from your finance to your partner’s finance, from creative pursuits to serving humanitarian causes. In that case, you can make a careful decision

Aquarius. When the Sun moves to Gemini, you may transfer your attention from home to your creative pursuits and romantic life. If you are single, this might be a time to look around for a romantic relationship. You may have a lot of entertainment with your creativity and your hobbies. You might have very harmonious relationships with your colleagues; however, you may remember some pains caused by your close friends thru your daily routines. You will have diverse energies to integrate between your home, work, self and partner

Pisces.  You might express yourself thru your creative communication at home. You may have a vigorous working period, pushing you towards anger toward some of your colleagues. Check your discipline, and don’t be impulsive with your actions at work when you try to be very expressive. You may feel like someone is pulling your arms and legs from different corners when you think about your routine, transformations you would like to make, and your interaction with others in the past and future. Stay calm; your way of dealing with this might be to use your energy

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