Astro Review Week of May 15, 2023


There is a lot of change happening in the sky this week. Jupiter is leaving Aries behind on Wednesday, moving to its new home to Taurus, and staying there until the beginning of June 2024. Sun is moving fast and might be saying Uranus see you next time. Mercury goes direct on Tuesday by ending communication issues, and you can finish or sign the contract you might have been having trouble with. On Sunday, Mars moves to Leo, and only four hours later, Sun moves to Gemini. Mars comes closer to opposition with Pluto, which may spark some anger issues. Remember to put in your diary to watch the new moon in Taurus on Friday. You may prepare your new moon wishes for a ritual or pray or meditate according to your belief for the new moon to bring what you want into your life.

Aries.  It is time to ponder for you which area of your life has been lucky. You have started 2023 with a big chance to grow your potential in all different parts of your life. You might have a very harmonious private home life, and you may solve some diplomatic problems at work. You may feel more independent from your home and experiment some conflict with your social friends, which will make you look into your self-esteem and trust. These minor conflicts will make you more confident and look for the truth this week. Your new moon wishes suggestion might be having a higher financial income

Taurus.  You have luck on your shoulder with Jupiter moving into Taurus. Expect growth in all areas of your life, love, finance or home. You have until June 2024 to use your Jupiter wisely. You may act instinctively for good causes in your neighbourhood this week; some family-oriented sports activity! When you try to make a decision between spending time on your career or your neighbourhood events, you may find yourself questioning your confidence. You might have good, caring judgements with your communication with your friends. It is a new moon in your sign; wish whatever you like to be long-lasting in your life

Gemini. You may need help with your soft communication skills and power-seeking colleagues at work. While trying to find the middle ground to tackle these issues, you may find it helpful in your friends’ circle. You have what it takes to be soft, constructive communication skills and gut feeling to solve all the complications gently. You could make a new moon wish to improve long-lasting artistic skills through rituals, meditation or prayers in your belief system

Cancer.  You feel more protective of yourself and your loved ones nowadays. You might be ready to defend anyone close to you at any cost. If you do not safeguard your loved ones, this might come back to you as suppressed anger issue. You might feel enthusiastic and assertive about exploring the meaning of life thru your career. You may look calmer and more harmonious with your careful attitude in your social standing. You could make new moon wishes or prayers for solid and long-lasting friendships.

Leo. This week your focus is your outer world. You might be having some unsolved anger issues in your subconscious mind. When you meet a powerful personality, these issues may appear on the water’s surface. These may affect your work and career, so try to finish any unfinished aggressive thoughts. You may make some new moon wishes for what you want to be solid and stable in your work and friend relationships

Virgo. Taurus may offer you a part of its’ luck in 2023 by welcoming Jupiter onto its territory. You may see any unsolved legal issues to be finalized and signed in the coming days. You might actively play prominent roles in your groups thru your work. You will learn to balance your creative pursuits and dreams to avoid disappointment. You may have a stable relationship with your partner and enjoy social activities with other friends. A suggestion for your new moon wishes might be a holiday in a foreign culture

Libra. You may have harmonious, professional relationships at your work. Your life motto is “balance”, and you can use it wisely in your personal and professional relations without going too much into a competition. When you focus on impartiality too much, you may lose yourself and become internally angry. If you are not careful, your pressed anger may come to the surface at an unexpected moment. Remember to use your new moon wishes to have a robust and stable relationship with your partner; if you are single, you could want a loving partner to meet you soon

Scorpio. Could you see that you might be at the beginning of the transformation period at home, which may have started influencing your physical activities? You are born with a resourceful character to deal with any change that may come your way. Make the new moon wishes to strengthen your relationship with your partner. You may make your wishes through rituals, meditation or prayers in your belief system

Sagittarius. You might be a wild bee dealing with your work chores. Is there too much on your plate and complaining about this? You should step aside and think about your highly developed communication skills. You may scatter your energy in different areas of your life, but you must focus on your career goal and improve your communication skills. New moon wishes we help you to organise your daily routine. Just remember to make a ritual, meditation or prayer in your belief system

Capricorn. Are you looking forward to a romantic adventure-loaded week? You may get this week what you wish for this! If you are single, you might start a harmonious relationship with someone from your close circle. In the meantime, you may check your self-esteem and assertions, which may appear impulsive. Remember to make new moon wishes to start any unique hobbies or fun activities in the form of rituals, meditation or prayers in your belief system

Aquarius. You may see your individualist style at home, as a decoration or in your relationship. You can use your imagination and assertion to make the changes you want at home. There might be some workplace tension due to miscommunication, which may affect your home. You can creatively replace negative energy with harmonious, respectful behaviours. Use the new moon wishes for any changes you would like to make at your house in the form of rituals, meditation or prayers in your belief system

Pisces. You might be in search of never-ending knowledge. You may trust your instincts if you are planning to take place in any competition. You might be in a dilemma with intense feelings in your subconscious mind and a drive to express your independence. You may get these feelings under control to avoid tension in your relations. You might be new moon wishes to have better, long-lasting connections in your neighbourhood through rituals, meditations or prayers in your belief system

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