Astro Review Week of May 1, 2023


In our sky, we watch as Mercury slides back into its retrograde motion since the 22nd of April. Have you experienced anything different in your routine, or is there anything resurrected unexpectedly from the past? If you turn your head up in the sky, you might see Uranus and Mercury dancing with the Taurus Sun! Hold tight; Pluto enters its stationary phase and goes direct at full speed in Aquarius. It will be there until the 11th of June before returning to Capricorn to complete its unfinished business. Note the day on your dairy, the full moon on the 5th of May following the Sun eclipse in April!


Do you feel the Retrograde Mercury motion at your work or daily routine? You might see everything around you has slowed down. Take precautions and read twice anything that requires your signature. Your work habits and your daily routines help you to make changes in your home life in a positive direction. You may have to take a financial decision between your mind and heart towards the end of the week, Don’t worry; you have what it takes to make a firm decision with your self-confidence.

Taurus. You may have all your attention on your body and appearance at the start of the new week. How have you been coping with all the changes Uranus brings to your life? Your actions in your close community influence your public status. You might have to find the middle ground between this community involvement and your social status. There might be unexpected positive changes at work resulting in out-of-blue financial gain. If you have started any new project with the new moon, your project has grown and shaped while the full moon appears on the 5th of May.

Gemini. Has retro Mercury made you turn inwards and listen to your feelings and thoughts? Depending on your belief system, you may find yourself going into hiding and praying, meditating or writing the book you always wanted. A full moon may lighten some unexpected changes to your mental or physical health. If you want to avoid work chores, take it slowly and avoid making any big decisions to make long-term commitments for anything. There might be some transformational thinking about how you will change your work.

Cancer. Are you planning to make changes at home that may influence your work in a structured and more thoughtful way? You might also be busy in your social friends circle, which your close neighbours or relatives may support. You may speak to your friends about past stories, or some old friends may turn up unexpectedly at a party. Be careful; this friend may disappear in a couple of weeks when Mercury goes direct. When you have friends around you, you may have to balance your ego with your feelings around the 5th of May.

Leo. You may start the week feeling a sense of order and how you need to achieve your financial needs. You can convey your needs towards your work requirements by being super organized. Please don’t underestimate your self-esteem; you have what it takes to succeed, and you may meet someone to guide you thru some changes. Don’t let your imagination cloud your feelings. You may feel like turning inwards to refresh yourself. With the full moon on the 5th of May, you may try to balance your relationship with home and work

Virgo. Don’t criticize yourself over analyzing what happened at the weekend, and don’t be hard on yourself by the beginning of this week. You may need to nurture yourself for the next few days to express your feelings. You may be attracted to unusual people or imaginative thoughts and trying to discover your own identity. These feelings may vanish by the middle of the week, and you may start organizing your holiday in a different culture far away land! With the full moon, you may struggle to decide as your heart wants to stay in your neighbourhood, and your mind is trying to connect to the outer world

Libra. You may feel lost at the enormous sea beginning of the week with all the routines you are dealing with, or you may daydream at work. You might feel better when the day progresses. Your wisdom and good communication skills will help you to leave the past behind and focus on the future and may help you to make changes at your workplace. With the full moon, you may experience a struggle to decide between your finances and other people. Careful with your spending; end of the month, your credit card may not support you with its limit

Scorpio. You might feel very outgoing this week. Your heart and mind want to be with your friends or loved ones. Are you looking for a reliable relationship to come and find you? Then this could happen unexpectedly, a person from previous acquaintances. Be careful; this may be unfinished relationship business in the past and may leave you unguarded when retro Mercury turns direct. Think twice before making any intense attachment. With the full moon, there might be transformations in your emotions and leave unwanted feelings behind you!

Sagittarius. You might be busy and need help with the workload or your daily routine. Your desire to be recognised for your achievements and putting everything in order seems high to your colleagues. You may have to take extra responsibility at home, which may help you increase your energy level. Watch changes in your office or your daily routine during the full moon. You may leave any unwanted intense feelings towards your colleagues to improve your office atmosphere. If you have pets at home, take care of them, which will help you break down your routine

Capricorn.  You might be busy with your creative pursuits during this week. Were there any creative hobbies you started before and found yourself revisiting? You may feel torn between your artistic abilities and your over-structured career. Integrating some part of your creative expression into your work might be wise. To avoid tension at home, you might build space in your relationship. You may observe what is happening with your creative pursuits and your hopes during the full moon. You might leave unwanted dreams with the full moon.

Aquarius. You may want to spend time at home, but your heart desires to be at work. You may have left some unfinished home developments before, and you might have just gotten around to finishing it off. You may have unrealistic expectations in your romantic relationship. It would help if you changed your attitude and stopped blaming others. Observe any changes at home and work. You may choose to remove any unwanted, unhealthy feelings behind you.

Pisces. You might spend more time with your close family circle in your neighbourhood. You can communicate your feelings more efficiently, which would help you at your work. Your expectations are blurry towards your family as you are unrealistic. You need to respect and accept your family for what they are, not what you would like them to be. During the full moon, you may look at what serves you from your knowledge and what you want to learn. You may leave unwanted information behind yourself.

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