Astro Review Week of June 5, 2023


This week begins with the heightened mood of the Full Moon, and Aries starts the week full of dramatic energy and excitement. However, be aware of over-exerting yourself, as you might need to take some time to rest and regroup mid-week. After proper rest, you will find yourself brimming with new inspiration and motivation. Follow your internal compass and it will take you in the right direction.

Taurus.  Under the influence of the full moon, you are blessed with an extra dose of romantic magic. Midweek, though, you may find yourself waking up from the dream and feeling a bit of disconnection. If that’s the case, take some time to reflect on what might be causing this rift. Once you identify the source, you can take steps to bridge the gap, restore the love and connection between you and your partner.

Gemini. This week is all about you, Gemini! You’re feeling full of energy and turning heads wherever you go. You are sure to receive lots of attention from admirers. This could be a great week for you to make connections with people and build relationships. Just be sure to stay grounded and stay on course, as it will be easy to get sidetracked. Focusing on your nighttime rituals ensures a great next day!

Cancer. This week is a great time for you to take action and resolve any tensions you have been feeling with others. Last week’s full moon may brought you a solution or idea that will help you to overcome this problem. Mid-week is the perfect time to take action; call or text the person you have in mind and talk over a cup of tea. You’ll feel the tension dissipate in that moment.

Leo. As the mood of the full moon lingers, be mindful of having too much fun and activities, as it could lead to some mishaps on the work front. When the pressure starts to become overwhelming and you feel like you can’t handle everything, don’t be afraid to reach out to a friends or your team for assistance. Make sure to express your appreciation for their unwavering support. Treat them with something nice!

Virgo. This week you may be feeling especially motivated to get organized and tidy up your home and workspace. However, it’s important to know when to stop. Remember, it’s ok to take a break every now and then and not push yourself too hard. So, take a deep breath, give yourself a pat on the back and have a Zen moment. Also, having an inspiring conversation with your partner will lift up your mood.

Libra. Last week’s full moon might have brought up insecurities in relationships with others. Focusing on connecting with others in meaningful ways will make you feel much better. Don’t be afraid to share your passions and interests with others and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Take time to explore your passions and interests, and use them as a bridge to create meaningful connections with others. New hobbies or studies may be in the forecast.

Scorpio. The journey to find your true self may be coming to an end. You are feeling more content and secure and find an ease to be yourself. You could find yourself feeling motivated, with a newfound direction and passion. Now is an excellent time to explore fresh opportunities and make your dreams come true. Embrace this positive energy, seize the day, and don’t miss an opportunity to pursue your aspirations!

Sagittarius.You may find yourself feeling emotionally charged this week. Communication with your partner and friends can help you manage your feelings, as well as just let loose and do some fun activities. Learning new things might take your mind off and help ease your emotions as well. Later of the week, you may need to take some time to yourself. Create a calming environment at home and read some books or meditate.

Capricorn. The vibrant full moon has ignited a spark of passion! This week, specially midweek is a great time to focus on your finances and career goals, as you may find luck in both areas. Also, enhancing on your daily routine and health will ensure your good luck. However, you might be run out of steam by end of the week. Consider taking a vacation or break from your everyday routine to relax and recharge.

Aquarius. This week, you might face a challenge when it comes to meeting the needs of your relationships. It may not be easy to balance your own needs with those of your partner. Money is not the answer to solving your issues. The best way to navigate this tricky situation is through sincere communication. “Ultimately the bond of all

companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde

Pisces. You may be feeling motivated to take on a lot of work this week, Pisces; however, you might find yourself in a situation that requires a balance between work and home life. Take the time to reflect on what matters most to you and set your priorities accordingly. Ask and have conversation around ideal life balance with loved ones. By the end of the week, you may come to a light bulb moment.

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