Astro Review Week of April 3 2023


Strong optimism may be experienced throughout the week, accompanying your capacity for robust, sustained effort. A sense of perfectionism while trying to integrate structure and stability may feel wobbly as the events begun two weeks earlier conclude mid-week. Gushing activity may intersperse with periods of needed rest or relief while established, harmonious communications bring progress. Fleeting vague or uneasy, yet intense, emotions may occur at the weekend. Concomitantly, curt and overbearing urges may express themselves.

Aries.   Focusing on creative energies and leadership, you may have been robustly working hard and long. Communications from a humanitarian affiliation may intensify perfectionism. Mid-week, sharing with partners what began two weeks ago, you may need rest—a selfless act may neglect emotional needs. By Friday, harmony and structure may affect wealth while reflective, measured activity boosts rest. Fleeting bossiness or vague, uneasy feelings at the weekend may briefly and lightly discolor your optimistic, beaming self.

Taurus. Early in the week, an authority figure may make a demand. Possibly working for an extended period regarding communications and an affiliation with humanitarian concerns (which included unique enhancements to your appearance and interactions with others), you may have withdrawn for rest. Mid-week, rest or insights may resolve a health matter or assist money matters while adjusting the routine. Uneasy interactions with a partner or group may result in an abrupt return to solitude.

Gemini.  Enthusiastically focused on leads within affiliations, you may be working hard on building wealth and reputation. Early on, something you learn may jar you onto a track of reflective solitude. Mid-week, you may add personal creativity into completing something recently begun in a group, benefiting from solitude. At the weekend, brief, yet uneasy feelings may rise concerning the creative work and how it’s regarded that may result in curtness towards a group.

Cancer.  Learning and quiet reflection bring fortune to reputation (beaming!), with positive implications for livelihood. Disciplined learning may affect interaction with others, aligning you with artistic or poetic groups. Early on, anxiety may arise concerning a friendship or group. Mid-week, rest from public bustle, which started about two weeks ago, may be upset by an acquaintance. At the weekend, fleeting disillusionment may affect creative or romantic interests. Sensitivity may lead you to appear harsh or authoritarian.

Leo. Fortune lies with your focus on learning and innovation, which aligns with growth of wealth. Perhaps something said publicly will lead to change in a partnership and, later in the week, align you with ongoing work done behind the scenes. Mid-week may bring up overlooked, disharmonic aspects related to events begun about two weeks ago. At the weekend, fleeting sensitivity concerning reputation may coexist with romantic or creative disquiet; a brash interaction may occur.

Virgo. Early in the week, you may integrate information from intense deep learning, revamping the daily routine and allowing it to inform your work with partners and affiliations. This may later benefit higher learning or reveal a unique learning style. Mid-week, gains from a recent intense area of focus may leave you richer though perhaps emotionally unfulfilled. By the weekend, passing uneasy feelings concerning the home and partnerships may co-occur with a sense of suppression.

Libra.  Individual expression or ability to stand out within partnerships brings fortune. Settled, deeper thinking may transform your creativity and later in the week, innovation may influence interaction with others. Ongoing routine involves public-oriented efforts; early this week you may feel lost in details. Mid-week, events begun two weeks ago may show your individual contribution but leave you emotionally disconnected. Over the weekend, a short trip may provide relief from the pressures or disillusionment with routine.

Scorpio.  Day-to-day, tasks may feel like “hair on fire” as you integrate learning with creative tasks and you may be perfecting final details with an affiliation. Early on, a partnership, possibly romantic, may cause chaos and effect changes around the home. Mid-week, solitude, rest and creature comforts provide relief from events begun two weeks earlier. Over the weekend, temporary uneasiness about money and creative projects may arise. You may decide to assert control over a project.

Sagittarius.  Interactions largely focus around personal creative projects that are inspiring or philosophical. Perhaps working intensely and quietly, daily routine may see increased communications of a humanitarian nature or a short trip. Attending to increasing details of display may bring harmony or innovation to the daily routine. Mid-week, completion of events begun two weeks back may be well-received by an affiliation. Over the weekend, a brief uneasy mood may accompany a possible tactless outburst.

Capricorn.  Home life holds the focus and luck. Early on, communication about a creative project or venture enacts change in wealth or livelihood. Mid-week, private knowledge from two weeks ago may become public, details now being finalized. Could it be you will reveal a new project, partnership or promotion—something longed for? Ongoing work concerning communications and partnerships may contain vacillating or self-protective qualities. Over the weekend, you may keep uneasy thoughts private but become bossy.

Aquarius.  Fortune smiles as you forge connections and increase communications, which quiet as they become established while transforming aspects of your humanitarian interactions. Sustained efforts towards income growth may have slippery or self-protective qualities. Mid-week, events begun two weeks back may show where cooperation lags and require additional learning. You may change your home related to higher learning. At the weekend, brief disquiet concerning an affiliation and income may lead you to resolve a financial issue.

Pisces.  Luck visits new sources of income and its growth. Early on, a new source of income may materialize, transforming solitary aspects of your life and accompanying innovative changes in communication and short journeys. Beware accepting an offer that leaves you emotionally unfulfilled. Perhaps perfecting details with a partner, agreement of actual income occurs mid-week. At the weekend, brief disquiet may noticeably affect you and accompany a push for more money via additional creative work.

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