Astro Review Week of April 17, 2023


An old phase winds down leaving you ready for new beginnings on Thursday. Convictions may carry extra force and the maxim “it is better to act decisively this week and apologize for it later” applies this week, the only question being is it better, really? It appears to be an easygoing weekend except for possible unease or regret that might pop up on Sunday. Remember that there’s a big difference between a temporary regret and long-term damage.

Aries.  Plans, progress and direction take center stage. Plans may involve pruning and firming a path and related finances. Obstinate, you may make angry demands of an acquaintance, especially Friday, later regretted. Communications may slow or turn erratic, Tuesday offering the teeny chance of a fortunate message. Income strategies may be reviewed, to go into effect later. Sunday, a hike or physical work may relieve a restless mood with uneasy undertones, perhaps from last week.

Taurus.  This week begins a new phase related to work having a service mindset. But with the new Moon on the cusp of your first house, new emphasis on your interactions with others could arise. You may show the world who you truly are. Tuesday, a previously unexpressed wish may receive mention. Friday, beware of obstinately expressing convictions in an angry, public outburst. On Sunday, uneasy regret may arise concerning reputation and work.

Gemini.  A new phase this week concerning pursuit of something wished for (or related affiliation), may emphasize a service-oriented outlook. A partnership or affiliation may have image-enhancing effects on Tuesday. However, on Friday, something you learn may cause an angry outburst toward a friend or group, perhaps later regretted. Saturday flows easily but Sunday, you may feel wrapped up in uneasiness, tension or regret connected with something learned and become emotionally demanding.

Cancer.  This week, besides starting a new phase of focus on reputation, you may notice more movement toward attaining longed-for friendships or group involvement. Tuesday, reputation may confer luck in areas where you provide service to others. Be careful about a possible public outburst resulting from deeply held humanitarian notions, especially Friday. The weekend’s easy flow may be troubled on Sunday by deeply uneasy feelings—meditation would be perfect for these private issues.

Leo.  This week, you may begin focusing more on reputation as you start a new phase of continued learning. What you’re learning may bring luck to a group you’re in on Tuesday. Watch for strong conviction based on higher principles leading to a potential angry interaction with a partner on Friday. The flow of an easygoing weekend may be interrupted by nagging uneasiness or regret concerning a partner and a group on Sunday.

Virgo.   A new phase of deep and intense focus may be tinged with philosophy, spirituality or higher learning. On Tuesday, your focused intensity may result in a glow to your reputation and charisma. On Friday, beware of a compulsion to vent an angry outburst regarding daily routine—this could affect learning that’s important in realizing your talents and potential. An otherwise easygoing weekend, on Sunday you may be noticeably affected by vague uneasiness concerning the routine.

Libra.  A new phase of focus on partnerships this week may be marked by greater intensity and depth than usual, furthering deep inner change. You may learn something beneficial from a partner on Tuesday. Friday, compulsion to blurt out angrily regarding a creative project or romantic partner may cause later regret and require adaptation on your part or in shared resources. An easygoing weekend overall, a sense of regret or inadequacy may crop up on Sunday.

Scorpio.  This week’s new moon phase, which focuses on daily routine, may also influence partnerships. On Tuesday, your magnetic appeal may attract a partner or influence something about the daily routine. On Friday, possible obstinacy or a blow-up toward a partner may affect the home, leading to later regret. On Sunday, vague uneasiness and regret may accompany intense feelings, sexual attraction or possessiveness. Alternatively, possessiveness over shared resources within the home may occur.

Sagittarius.   New beginnings in creative ventures or romance appear imminent, especially concerning their effect on daily matters. Tuesday offers the fleeting prospect of a fortunate partnership or engagement. An angry outburst concerning ventures or romance, especially Friday, may be regretted. Daily routine, or communication within, might have slowed or become erratic; strategy could be revisited, to be implemented later. On Sunday, a sociable, outgoing date may carry fear or uneasy undertones from earlier in the week.

Capricorn.   The new phase of attending to your innermost and important needs this week may also touch into creative ventures or romance (both of which could experience slow or erratic communication). Tuesday, watch for a potentially fortunate adjustment in the workplace. Friday, possible eruption regarding home or venture finances may lead to regret either at home, or in a venture or romance. On Sunday, uncomfortable undercurrents concerning finances and the workplace may be present.

Aquarius.   You begin a phase of increased interaction with those you encounter on a daily basis and, possibly, additional short trips. Tuesday, a bit of luck may touch romance or creative ventures. With the increased tempo and communications, be careful about making power plays to control people, especially on Friday—listen! You may be re-thinking something concerning work that will make getting your needs met less chaotic. Sunday, an uneasy undercurrent may turn up in romance.

Pisces.  A new phase of acquiring possessions or building wealth starts this week and may involve changes in communication. You may be attracted to unique, innovative things and enjoy exploring for them. Tuesday, a teeny chance exists to uncover something exceptional for the home. On Friday, beware an angry outburst concerning a possession or wealth—it may bring regret or loss. The weekend seems easygoing though may end with uneasy feelings concerning the home.

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