Astro Review Week of April 10, 2023


Strong optimism and luck are present, especially early in the week. Mid-week sees a new phase of luck begin in a different area of life. Sustained hard work starts a slow decline while the magnetic forces of desire entice forward progress long worked toward and challenge the status quo. The week ends with retiring and restful themes.

Aries. Confident and enthusiastic with high energy, you may be secluded and learning a lot as you move toward increased income. Through mid-week, enticing change connected with humanitarian affiliations may magnetize you into action, placing you on track for increased income (prior work has prepared you well). With Venus’ new phase, you may start talks with partners for wealth-building or enjoy more short trips. Over the weekend, solitude or restfulness may appeal to you.

Taurus.  Working behind the scenes concerning an affiliation or realization of a dream, you enter a phase of enhanced luck regarding income (mid-week). Possibly, your income will increase resulting from reputation in humanitarian concerns. You may solidify your association with a creative or imaginative affiliation (after a period of sustained communications which can now level off)—perception of your power in humanitarian concerns somehow challenges this. Over the weekend, communication with the affiliation may experience inertia.

Gemini.  Optimistically pursuing your dreams or focused on affiliations, you may experience good fortune, especially in building reputation and partnerships. As sustained efforts to increase wealth and reputation level off, mid-week, you enter a new phase of attractiveness and may enhance your appearance over the next few weeks. A powerful draw to learn something humanitarian-ish, like meditation, can assist with restful solitude, especially on Friday. It might be a great weekend to pamper yourself and rest.

Cancer.  Current focus on reputation, perhaps related to recent learning, may experience enhancement and growth. Mid-week, a new phase of restoration ensues. By Friday, meditative solitude may be welcome and available. Sustained efforts to integrate higher learning into interactions with others may have eased. Simultaneously, higher learning established potentially stronger relations with an affiliation. Solitude and deep transformation powerfully combine, modifying that developing relationship. It could be a great weekend to take a break from learning.

Leo.  Optimism and luck could bring excellence to the learning and innovation you may be quietly honing. Ongoing, perhaps intense, unseen work may be leveling off—and, this week especially, funnel into the building of solid reputation. Mid-week, a new phase of luck concerning affiliations begins and may attract a partner (especially Friday), who may challenge your reputation based on humanitarian concerns. This weekend could be a great time to relax with friends instead of working.

Virgo.  Your ability to dig deep, possibly concerning a partnership matter, and harness tremendous amounts of raw energy will pay off. You are a master at assimilating information into usable knowledge. Mid-week, Venus’ movement will begin a phase of boosting your image and reputation—you may glow, especially in the eyes of superiors, which will change factors of publishing or higher education. Though a partner may vacillate this weekend, he or she will likely come around.

Libra.  Recently the number of partnerships (your area of focus and luck), or communication within them, may have increased or affected your daily routine in a way that benefits you. By mid-week, a newly started course or subscription may inspire change in a humanitarian-type of creative project which may then improve an investment or shared resources—on Friday, you may resonate strongly with the change. It might be a good weekend to relax with a book.

Scorpio.  Perhaps intensely busy during the day, you may have recently gone over and above, and fortune smiles on you. By mid-week, you may experience intense emotions towards a partner, creating a magnetic pull felt most strongly on Friday—changes within partnerships may happen as a consequence. Work pertaining to learning and creative projects eases slightly but has supported change to, and the solidifying of, a partnership. Over the weekend, you may discuss shared concerns.

Sagittarius.  Creative projects, ventures and romance shine throughout the week. By mid-week, a possible interview, gathering or trip may result in ongoing and positive changes within the day-to-day routine—hard work has prepared you well and, come Friday, you may feel intensely ready for change. A new phase of communications (regarding routine matters and affiliations) with partners may ensue. Over the weekend, a sociable partnership might ease the drudgery of lolling about the house.

Capricorn.  Quiet optimism may describe your outlook regarding home or private matters. Ongoing communications with partners may need tightening. Mid-week, a new phase begins, bringing luck to the workplace and potentially improving wealth and status. Communications with partners affect the path of ventures and it seems that wealth-related concerns also challenge and affect that path. Come Friday, you may feel intensely eager about changing routine to assist finances but brief delays in communication may occur.

Aquarius.  In a fortunate buzz of communications and short journeys, you may be working hard to firm up or align income with work. Mid-week, communications projects enter a phase of good luck and you may have a magnetic appeal on others that bestows personal power. Matters of livelihood affect the home; their modification may be under your command. A new communications project or payment related to it may encounter a brief delay.

Pisces.  Focusing on new sources of, or increased, income that promotes reputation meets luck. You may notice slight loosening of discipline in creative ventures. Mid-week may begin a phase of luck around the home and, simultaneously, you may crave additional rest or solitude. Your readiness for rest may lead you to taper the recent intensity of communications or number of short trips, especially on Friday. The weekend seems perfect for brief, perhaps meditative and restorative, respite.

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