Astro Review Summer Solstice Month 2023 by Knysna, South Africa

The Summer Solstice is celebrated as a time of renewal, growth, and fertility. It has been associated with the sun’s strength and vitality, and has been seen as a time of celebration and feasting. The Sun in Cancer is a time of increased emotional sensitivity and a need for security and comfort. The full moon in Capricorn is a time for reflection and goal-setting. Capricorn is associated with structure and stability so this is a time to focus on practical matters and to set realistic and achievable goals. This full moon brings attention to the tension between personal desires and responsibilities. It highlights the importance of balancing short term goals with long-term plans and commitments.

Aries. The Solstice finds you yearning to stay home and focus on creative outlets. You may feel a powerful urge toward self expression as Venus and Mars meet in your house of play. The full moon on July 2 illuminates your need to balance the personal and professional aspects life. With awareness and effort, this opposition can be a powerful source of growth and development, as it encourages integration of both the emotional and practical aspects of life. In addition, this month brings opportunities for innovation, especially in areas related to technology, finance and sustainability.

Taurus. The Solstice finds you longing to break free from established norms and embrace your individuality. This is a time to explore freedom and independence and find new opportunities for growth and abundance. You may wish to change your  personal image. The full moon turns your attention to the tug of war between your pursuit of knowledge and meaning in the larger world and your desire for emotional connection and empathy with your inner circle.  You can have both.  With awareness and effort,  this can be a time of growth in emotional intelligence as well as a time to gain deeper understanding of life and the world.

Gemini. Are you feeling an increase drive for stability and security in your personal life and finances? You may also experience a heightened sensitivity to the emotional needs of others and a desire to create a safe and comfortable environment for your loved ones. The full moon this month is about give-and-take. What makes you feel comfortable and secure and needs to be balanced with attention to other peoples needs and comfort levels. Don’t be afraid to go deeper. This challenge this month is to focus on your inner motivations and desires, even those of which you are unconscious. Are you ready to confront the deeper aspects of your life and let go of old patterns and habits?

Cancer.The solstice is an excellent time to focus on your personal identity and individual expression.  This is a time to enjoy increased vitality, self-confidence and a greater drive to pursue your personal goals and ambitions. The full moon is an opportunity to focus on your partner.  How do you strike the balance between your own needs and those of another?  This is an opportunity for communication, a time to express emotions and gain deeper connection and understanding.

Leo.The Solstice is a time to focus on your unconscious mind and spiritual longings.  This is a time when you may want to retreat inward to give yourself space for contemplation. Be fearless about facing your unconscious motivations.  Are there patterns of thinking or hidden fears that are holding you back? This may be a time of heightened emotions and greater need for spiritual connection. The full moon later in the month is a time to get practical and focus on work, health and daily routines.  Make the necessary changes to your daily routine and habits in order to find balance in achieve your goals.

Virgo. The Solstice is an excellent time to focus on community, social connections, and future goals. How can you create and maintain supportive relationships? This is an excellent month to use your emotional intelligence and creativity to achieve success and make a positive impact on the world. The full moon is an enjoyable time for creative self expression. Go out and have fun!

Libra.The Solstice brings recognition to your image and reputation. You may find you have a greater sensitivity to your need to balance your personal and professional life. Focus on creating a supportive and nurturing work environment and use your emotional intelligence and compassion to succeed in your career. The full moon is a time to retreat to home and hearth. Reconnect with your family and close friends.

Scorpio.The Solstice asks you to broaden your horizons. Have you always wanted to study travel or have new experiences? Strive to make any encounter a learning experience and see the world through new lenses. Now is an excellent time to start planning your next adventure. The full moon this month.  The full moon this month illuminates the tension between adventure and practical stability.  Sometimes you need to pay the bills, do the dishes or make that call you have been putting off.. Do what needs to be done to free yourself up for more adventurous activities.

Sagittarius.This is a month to focus on personal transformation and and regeneration. You may find yourself getting sudden insight about the deep mysteries of life.  The full moon may bring clarity to your financial and material security.  Create stability by focusing on your practical tangible goals. This may be a time to reevaluate your personal values and possessions. It is important to balance your emotional needs with practical considerations.  Be mindful of the long term effects of your choices.

Capricorn.The solstice finds you wanting to focus on your relationships. This is an excellent time to form a deep meaningful connection with others. Your sensitivity can be a great strength, helping to create empathetic and supportive unions. The full moon highlights the tension between your personal needs and responsibilities. How does your personal identity align with your public image and responsibilities? What do you need to do to balance your self interest with the needs of others to pursue your personal goals while still meeting your responsibilities and expectations?

Aquarius. This month brings an emphasis on work, health, and daily routine. You may find yourself desiring a more harmonious and supportive work environment. This is a time to focus on self-care, establishing healthy habits, and creating a sense of stability in daily life. The full moon is a time of introspection and self reflection. Are there unconscious motivations and fears that drive your behavior? Examine the unconscious patterns that are holding you back. Confront the self-imposed limitations and fears that are preventing your personal growth and progress

Pisces.  This Solstice brings emphasis on creativity, self expression, and play. Do you find yourself wanting to connect with others through play and leisure activities? Rediscover your natural ability to connect and support those around you. The full moon brings attention to your social and community connections. This is a time to focus on relationships and connections with others. Consider the impact of your personal choices on the wider community and find ways to contribute to the greater good.

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